PRE’s Kenny Muney Talks Young Dolph, Music, Legacy, And Making A Big Difference

Kenny Muney

Kenny Muney talks to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about his new album, Blue Muney, relationship with Young Dolph, his jewels, the industry chicks he has scooped, the good, bad and ugly of his hometown. Also, his love of Black Air Forces.

Kenny Muney, the rising rapper associated with Paper Route Empire, recently sat down for an interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur where he discussed various aspects of his life and career. From his new album Blue Muney to the legacy of Memphis artists and the influence of his mentor, Young Dolph, Kenny Muney shared his thoughts and aspirations. He also touched upon his approach to creativity, his experiences in the music industry, and his desire to make a positive impact on others.

In the interview, Kenny Muney expressed his excitement about his latest album, describing it as a culmination of all his past work. He emphasized that the album is more than just music—it’s a movie and a mood, showcasing his diverse styles and reflecting his growth as an artist.

The rapper’s admiration for Young Dolph was evident as he referred to him as his brother, mentor, and role model. Kenny Muney reminisced about growing up and being inspired by Dolph’s hustle and success. He acknowledged Dolph’s significant impact on his own artistic journey and praised his ability to motivate and uplift others. “He taught me a lot…he taught me to have fun,” Kenny says. “I’m having fun, I ain’t stressing right, I ain’t tripping, I ain’t like…I’m happy.”

As a Memphis native, Kenny Muney recognizes the rich legacy of artists from his city. He believes that Memphis has a unique sound and an independent spirit that sets it apart. He discussed how Memphis artists, including Dolph, have contributed to the city’s reputation and encouraged individuals to be themselves and strive for greatness.

Being a part of the Paper Route Empire, Kenny Muney discussed the current status of the label, expressing his enthusiasm for their ongoing success and their commitment to making great music. He also highlighted his close bond with fellow rapper Key Glock, describing him as a brother and a partner in music. The two artists recently embarked on a tour together, and Kenny expressed his excitement about connecting with fans and creating memorable experiences.

The conversation took a serious turn as Kenny Muney reflected on a past incident where he was shot. He spoke about the lessons he learned from that experience, emphasizing the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings and the presence of potential threats. Despite the incident, he remains focused and committed to making positive changes in his life and music.

Beyond his music career, Kenny Muney briefly touched upon his other interests and investments. However, he emphasized that his primary focus at the moment is giving his full effort to music and helping his younger brothers navigate the industry. He wants to set an example and demonstrate the possibilities that lie ahead.

The interview also shed light on Kenny Muney’s unique perspective on his role as an artist. He considers himself a preacher, someone who speaks what needs to be said and motivates others through his music. He believes that his music is like a sermon, encouraging listeners to gravitate towards his message and make positive changes in their lives.

When asked about his religious beliefs, Kenny Muney shared that he has his own personal relationship with God, apart from organized religion. He explained that he talks to God about staying healthy, helping others, and ensuring that those around him remain focused on their goals.

“I feel like you listen to me, you in church,” he say. “I ain’t gonna lie, I don’t read the Bible. I got my own relationship with God. I don’t get into that cause everybody to each his own but me personally I got my own relationship with God talk to him we do what we do.”

Kenny Muney is an interesting one. Check out this cool interview.