Krayzie Bone: Boiling Point

Enough is enough! After dealing with ten years worth of frustrations, Krayzie Bone is sick and tired of Bizzy Bone’s “antics.” While the friction between Bizzy and Bone Thugs was made public during Bizzy’s controversial appearance at a Houston radio station last month. According to Krayzie, the problems with Bizzy are deep and complex, and […]

Enough is enough! After dealing with ten years worth of frustrations, Krayzie Bone is sick and tired of Bizzy Bone’s “antics.” While the friction between Bizzy and Bone Thugs was made public during Bizzy’s controversial appearance at a Houston radio station last month. According to Krayzie, the problems with Bizzy are deep and complex, and stem all the way back to 1995. gave Krayzie a chance to tell Bone’s side of the story and address the issue involving Bizzy Bone once and for all. Also, get a word on the affect this has on the group, the Swizz Beats talks, and more… What was your reaction when you first heard Bizzy on the radio station in Houston?

Krayzie: My first reaction was like everybody else’s, ‘What the f**k is wrong with this motherf**ker?’ Then I’m thinking, ‘How is all of this coming about?’ Because, I am going to tell you the truth, Bizzy and me haven’t had a close relationship ever since we signed with Eazy E. We were cool, and that’s my dude, but as far as us kicking it like we used to before all of this music stuff, we haven’t even been on those terms. There are also rumors going around that Wish ended up smacking Bizzy around? Is that true?

Krayzie: Oh yeah. I actually wasn’t there, but some things happened in Cleveland. We look at it like this. Bizzy is telling the world he is homeless and he is on the streets, but we had a nice deal on the table that would put nice money in everybody’s pocket. It would have gotten him off the streets, if that is where he is, give him a nice house, and all of that. So the deal is on the table, but he doesn’t want to do it. But he told these people to their face that he is going to do the deal and he is onboard with Bone. But as soon as we get that paper work and sign the deal, he doesn’t want to be involved. So now we are all fed up and we are tired of Bizzy trying to make n***as look stupid. Its like he’s been sabotaging us for our whole career. Man, its real crazy, and n##### are fed up. So I guess when Wish saw him in Cleveland that transpired. After you f**k up this nice deal on the table for Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, and then we see you doing a show in Cleveland for a punk ass five hundred to a thousand dollars? We got this big money on the table, but you don’t want to f**k with it? Who the f**k are you playing with? And this deal on the table you guys had that he didn’t want to be apart of? Let me just clear this up, you guys had a deal on the table for him to rejoin Bone, is that what you are saying?

Krayzie: No, we had a contract for a new deal with a major label, who were ready to get behind us and help us get back in the game like we are supposed to be. And Bizzy was telling them he was down, feeding them all these dreams, and even making appearances with us. See, that is another thing that p##### me off about him. He can be gone for a whole year, and then when he really really needs some money, he’ll fall back in line so he can do a couple of shows with Bone. One time he was gone for a whole year, and it came time for us to win a Grammy Award. It looked good, everybody loved it, so I said let’s do it. But that was our biggest mistake, letting this motherf**ker ride as long as we let him ride. When I interviewed Bizzy last August for AllHipHop, he told me you guys weren’t supportive of his attempt to stop drinking. He said, and I quote, “So I would stop drinking for eight or nine months and they would look at me as if I was acting like I was better than them. Or I was being funny about the whole situation, when I really was not.”

Krayzie: Oh my god! That is another thing I want to set straight for the record, this guy is a liar! He will completely fabricate a story. For one, like I told you, I don’t even talk to dude like that. I don’t really drink myself, I only do it every now and then. Why would I be mad at somebody that is trying to stop drinking? I just quit smoking weed and my n***as are still doing it. But nobody is looking at me like I’m a b*tch. I know you said you haven’t talked to Bizzy, but has anybody spoken to him since the radio incident?

Krayzie: When he started telling everybody on the radio that he was homeless, he didn’t have a house, he was broke, this and that – the next day n***as jumped on a plane to go to Houston to try and help him. The very next day! Layzie and Wish flew down the next day to talk to him and try and get him on point. But what happened was, Bizzy basically dogged them. It was a big slap in the face! Layzie Bone told me Bizzy said, “I would rather have a n***a in the streets help me than y’all”. But, a week before that we did a show together in Austin, Texas! And he was telling us he was riding with us, he doesn’t want to be without us anymore, and he is on point. He told us, “Whatever we have to do, as long as we all do it together as Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, I’m with it!” That was a week earlier! That is why I didn’t get on the plane. What happened to you? You were the star of the group, remember? When I interviewed him around February of this year, he told me he was living in New York City.

Krayzie: That’s what I’m saying! Every couple of months there is something new with this dude. First, he stopped smoking, and then he tried to sue Ruthless Records for putting him on a song where he was talking about weed. Tried to sue them, but then a couple of months later he is back smoking. Then he stopped drinking, then all of the sudden he is homeless, and then all of the sudden he is totally saved by God. And I’m not knocking anybody for that, because I’m studying the Bible myself right now. But whatever he is doing, or wherever he is going to get his knowledge about the Bible, its not accurate at all. A lot of people feel sorry for Bizzy, because he has been through a lot. From the problems he faced as a child, to his brother being murdered, but you guys have tried to reach out, just like you did with flying down to Houston, correct?

Krayzie: I’m not going to even lie, nobody has tried to help him more than Layzie Bone. Like I said, I’m not going to lie, I quit f**king with him a long time ago. But nobody tried to show that boy more love than Layzie! He stuck his neck out for him and gave him everything he had. Then Bizzy turns around and f#### Layzie – all the time! Now Bizzy doesn’t have any more legs to stand on, because Layzie is on the same level we are on now. He’s like, “F**k this n####, I’m not putting my neck out for him no more”. Layzie had Bizzy staying at his house in Atlanta, when Bizzy was supposedly homeless, but Bizzy didn’t want to stay there. Nobody understands this dude, he on his own little mission. But its not like we put him out in the cold. He left us back in the day and then we were forced to contractually put him out of the group. Because that was the only way that people would f**k with us. Bizzy Bone can’t even really work at this point, because he is close to being black balled in this business. That’s because he doesn’t handle his business correctly. I’ll be doing shows and people are telling me, “Bizzy has our deposit, but he didn’t show up. He ain’t called either. Have you seen him?” So I tell them, I don’t have anything to do with that, I’m Krayzie Bone. So what label are you going to sign to? Is Swizz still the main option?

Krayzie: We have nothing but love for Swizz and everybody at Full Surface Records. We appreciate that he took the time out to see our potential. But if it don’t work out, we gotta keep it moving because we are soldiers. as of now, Bone Thugs is definitely, Krayzie, Layzie, Wish, and Flesh. Because we have to start working on recreating ourselves at this point. We ain’t got time to deal with the old Bone, and the old problems of Bone. We have to recreate ourselves and move on. I know it’s early, but when do you think the next Bone album will drop?

Krayzie: We are definitely going to have something on the radio within the next couple of months. But as far as the album, it could be the end of this year, or first quarter next year. I really don’t know, but its definitely coming. The album is called The Bone Thugs Story, which basically clears up everything that went on from Eazy E to now, like we are doing with this interview. We are also coming out with a DVD and a movie [of the same title]. Layzie told me you guys are going to have beats from Kanye West and Dr. Dre on the album. Is that true?

Krayzie: We are looking to get some beats from Dr. Dre, and already recorded one track with Kanye West. The song with Kanye is called “I Ain’t Going Nowhere,” and it’s off the hook! It shows the evolution of Bone Thugs. We stepped it up and its like a Bone track to the 50th power. We know we have to step our game up, and we have a lot of ideas for this album. We saved a lot of ideas and didn’t used them for our last two albums because we knew they weren’t going to get promoted right. We didn’t want to waste all of our ideas on albums that weren’t going to get the people’s full attention. Your last album Gemini came out earlier this year, but it didn’t’ seem like the label promoted it at all?

Krayzie: Ah man, most definitely! They didn’t promote it all! They are a company [Ball’r Records] with a lot of money, but with no knowledge about the business. And they even told me that – after I signed! But thank God my fans are into Bone enough to go and get my s**t anyway. Because with the unit sold, if I was on some real independent s**t, it would have been lovely. Selling that many records with no promotion is good. Yeah, I thought the album was right up there with your best solo work.

Krayzie: Thanks, man. That is how I like to record, and I want every project to be better than the last one. That Lil Jon track you had, “Get’chu Twisted” could have been a good look for you if they pushed it, the remix with Bone or the original.

Krayzie: Exactly, because it was getting radio spins before it was even released. We did a little leak for it and it was getting a lot of play. That is why I’m really not worried about my future in this business. I know, once I get the right opportunity to do what I wanna do and put it out how I wanna put it out, it’s a wrap!