Marlon Wayans Guffaws Over Man Skirts And Lord Jamar “Beef”


Marlon Wayans sure knows how to get people talking.

The most visible member of the revered Wayans Clan and social media guru caused a viral tsunami when he defended his homeboy Omar Epps from the queries of Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian fame. Jamar jump on Epps after he seemingly wore a mini-skirt on “The View,” a mainstream woman’s show. So I – the great Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur – who barely could get a word in – sliced in the middle of a “legends” conversation about Jay Z and Nas and leaped into the “beef” with Lord Jamar. You can hear Marlon take exception to the notion at the beginning of the clip, but he clarifies a few things. Clearly there is no beef, but in this era of sensationalism, its certainly the word that got folks talking. Plus, the conversation dealt with the taboo topic of men in skirts, which has all of Hip-Hop “conversatin’.”

Marlon, while promoting his movie “A Haunted House 2,” let his views known on the topic, Lord Jamar, and his perceived position as the “Defender of Men That Wear Skirts.” Check out in how he responds with his #AHauntedHouse2 co-stars Affion Crockett and Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias watching.

For the record, Omar Epps maintains that his clothing is a nod to his Zulu lineage.

“A Haunted House 2” hits theaters nationwide April 18.

Video by Emazing Smith.