EXCLUSIVE: ¡MAYDAY! Talks ‘Future Vintage,’ Expanding Boundaries, & Biggest Song From Album


Photo Credit: Niki G.

With over 18 offerings on their latest release, Future Vintage, ¡MAYDAY! has successfully shared its polished perspective. Reinvigorated with the nostalgic energy of Stuck on an Island and Take Me to Your Leader, the Miami-based band is attacking the road as part of the Future Vintage Tour.  Tremendous showmanship and supreme lyricism abound from the evolving collective.

Recently, the Strange Music signees spoke exclusively pertaining to their new album — particularly about the track “Against My Better Judgment” — which they believe is destined for greatness. They confided to AllHipHop that during the recording process that they experienced fleeting feelings of trepidation. That temporary artistic angst has since been replaced with reinforced confidence that to date Future Vintage is their best work.

Although some of its members are missing, check out what Bernz, Wrekonize, and NonMS has to say regarding their latest project.