Mixtape Review: Jadakiss’ “Consignment”


  • Rating: 7.5 / 10

Jadakiss has always been the consistent bet in rap; if you ever needed a feature that would garner the automatic street appeal, there aren’t too many artists that would take priority over the LOX representative. He’s been putting out constant music for years, but that classic LP has eluded him to this point. With the upcoming release of his next album “Top Five, Dead or Alive“, he’s looking to prove he’s able to create that classic. Mixtapes, however? That’s a different subject altogether; his projects all contain high replayability due to his versatility, and that’s exactly the case yet again with his DJ-Drama powered “Consignment” mixtape which dropped recently.

There’s nothing here that will seem out of the ordinary for Kiss fans. Jadakiss is the slow-flow professional, and he utilizes that flow on almost every song here. As far as the aforementioned versatility, he goes from holding songs down solo (“Nightmares and Migranes“) to pulling out artists like Meek Mill and Yung Joc for club smashes (“By The Bar”) to playing the assist man himself behind others (“I’m Good”, with Cito and Goldie). There isn’t a role that Jadakiss hasn’t learned to fill effectively, and it shows here.

The only true issue with the mixtape is the same thing that works in its favor; there’s nothing here that seems out of the ordinary for fans and newcomers alike. This is a dope project for Kiss fans, but there’s nothing special here that sets this project out from his last aside from the production. That’s not a bad thing by any means, but “Consignment” is more of a reminder of his skills than a project displaying something new. That being said, if you rock with Jadakiss and need more music to hold you over until “Top Five” drops, then you’ll want to check this one out.