Money And Violence Cast Talks About Changes Since The Show, Groupies, And More


About a year ago, Money & Violence might have just been a headline in the local paper. But fast-forward 8 months later and it’s the title of the hottest internet show online. With millions a month tuning in to Cloud9TV on youTube to see the brainchild of writer and director Moise Vernau take place on the streets of an extremely un-gentrified Brooklyn to show a side of NY that the fans of Friendsnever knew existed.

With a hit show showcasing the morals the cast was raised on and a crew full of neighborhood friends to film it with, the cast sat down with AHH’s MrMecc to talk new-found fame, being social media sensations and everything in between.In part two of our exclusive interview with the cast of Money & Violence, AHH’s MrMecc got the inside scoop on which networks have reached out, how much trust the cast has in their director and exactly how much I will take for Rafe aka Mo Vernau to cash out.