Money & Violence’s Creator Moses Verneau Explains The Ultimate Plans For The Show

Moses Verneau is the prime example of when “time, energy, and passion” is combined with a grizzly work ethic.

(AllHipHop Features) “The only human hands that can stop you are your own and there’s not a thing in this world you can’t create even if you don’t have the funds man. If you got the ambition and you got the determination and the passion to make it happen, you will.” – Moses Verneau

In 2014, Vernea’s Money and Violence released on YouTube and quickly became an instant phenomenon. So much so, Verneau inked a deal with Tidal to stream the series on their platform before the second season of the show.

In this interview, Moses Verneau explains the plans for Money and Violence, his new writing opportunities in television, and his new web series “The Spot”.