Neef Gives update On Beans Health & State Prop Reunion

Neef Talks Bean’s Health Update!

One half of the Grammy nominated rap duo Young Gunz’s Neef Buck got a chance to talk to AllHipHop this week. We caught him at his studio session in Philly putting the final touches on his LP Forever Do Me 7 to be released on iTunes next week. The whole world remembers him from the Roc-A-Fella records days ten years ago. Buck and his partner Young Chris were signed to the label after Beanie Sigel brought them to Jay-Z to rhyme for him. Young Gunz were also apart of Bean’s group State Property. The duo put out two gold selling albums Tough Love and Me And My Brother.

Neef sat with AllHipHop to discuss the health update on Sigel as he was released from the hospital recently after being shot two months ago. “He’s doing good..shout out to everyone thats keeping him in their prayers. He resting at home with his family right now..” When asked about an official State Property reunion tour/album Neef answered “our plan was to come back together and do it right. Strength is in numbers, unity sells.”

Forever Do Me 7 drops today on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.