No Holds Barred:’s Real Talk With Underground Phenom Rasheed Chappell

RASHEED CHAPPELL AIN’T MINCING WORDS HERE! CHECK UP ON ONE OF THE UNDERGROUND’S TOP MCs! caught up with up and coming Hip-Hop artist Rasheed Chappell from Project City, New Jersey, who has been catching the attention of fans and well-known producers in recent months and years. He’s something like the Old School with his sample selection, but his sound is definitely fresh and new.

And, although his star is rising, there’s always GOT to be something. So, we had an honest discussion with the underground MC about topics such as the controversy involving his supporters.

Check out the interview below where Chappell shares his thoughts on’s Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011 list, and what it’s like to balance family life while on the road:

Rasheed Chappell – “Break Loose”

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