EXCLUSIVE: OG Maco Talks People Dismissing His Talent, Social Media Rants, & the Internet Age


Videographer: Frsk Purple / Photo Credit: Niki G.

Last week, AllHipHop received an exclusive invite to attend the video shoot for the G4 Boyz’Alexander Wang,” which features none other than, OG Maco. Often criticized for his candid use of social media, OG poignantly explained his stance on several subjects, like his established discography.

An expansive body of work helped to earn his spot within the 2015 XXL Freshman class, but his creative integrity is often dismissed by the public. “It’s just one of those things. I don’t necessarily hate it or dislike it, or one way or another, because any small amount of research you can easily find out who I am,” he said. The Children of the Rage wordsmith then matter-of-factly added, “It’s usually that way with most people.”

Check out the full clip and to see what he has to say about his perceived social media “rants” and how the Internet Age is turning people into “robots.”

Does OG Maco make valid points?