Omillio Sparks: Spark Another One

“You can bull crap with music if you want to,” jokes Omillio Sparks, quoting former boss Beanie Sigel. Former Roc artist, State Property Member, and now under Tsunami Group management, Omillio Sparks is back on the scene with a new stance. The crew is now scattered about, Sparks is betting on himself to win his […]

“You can bull crap with music if you want to,” jokes Omillio Sparks, quoting former boss Beanie Sigel. Former Roc artist, State Property Member, and now under Tsunami Group management, Omillio Sparks is back on the scene with a new stance. The crew is now scattered about, Sparks is betting on himself to win his with cinematic aspirations and music on deck. So, where have you been?

 Omillio Sparks: I’ve been working…just been in the lab. Just working goin’ hard, about to push the mixtape. I’m putting my team back in order….I have a new team around me Tsunami Group. So just getting some situations in order. We just working! Tell me about the mixtape and the album I’m a Grown Man Walking.

 Omillio Sparks:  We gonna drop the Mixtape first, Omillio Sparks Volume 1, that’s crazy! Got some features with Bird Gang, of course State Property..That’s a given they on there, Franky D. But the Grown Man Walking album is stupid! We got Jim Jones on that one. I been in New York bustin’ moves so…..I’m resurfacing! Why did you choose that title?

Omillio Sparks: It is what it is. Time went by, I matured, I grew, I’m on my grown man. I’m on my business, I’m just real focused right now. You can hear the maturity in the music. I’m still on my grind, I’m still me, but you can hear the change. Outside of the artist that you mentioned, who do you want to collaborate with?

Omillio Sparks: I still got some features from Wayne. It’s a record I got with Jadakiss. So I got a couple of features. We just got to put the album together to see what’s gonna make it, and what’s not. Future collaborations?

Omillio Sparks: Definitely! I want to work with Jeezy. It’s some new artist coming out of Philly that I’m working with. It’s a lot of other artist out there I want to work with, but I’d rather reach out and make it happen before I start talking about it. Everyone knows you for your songwriting for hits, especially for “I Just Wanna Love You”. Are you still doing that nowadays, or are you just focused on yourself?

Omillio Sparks: Right now I’m just focused on what I gotta do, but definitely that’s on the table. Writing is definitely on the table because that’s what I do. I’m definitely gonna write some music for other artist, that’s in the future. Before you got into the business, what was your inspiration for music?

Omillio Sparks: I was always around other artist. The would always tell me “Come to the studio, you talented.” I didn’t realize how much impact I had on people with some of the songs I had, so I just went hard. We started putting out music Independently, and I saw the responses I was getting. So I went hard for about 2 ½ years, one thing led to another, and I was in NY having a meeting with Jay and we were signed to Roc-A-Fella. You can bullcrap with music if you want to, but I take it serious! What makes you an original artist?

Omillio Sparks: I think it’s my voice and my style of rap. I separate myself from the rest because I do me. I don’t limit myself, I just make music. I don’t stay in one zone, and I’m not one dimensional. Some people are scared to jump out the box; I’m just making music. You are under Tsunami Group now? How did that happen, and why did you choose that route?

 Omillio Sparks: I went to New York, and somebody knew CJ. They took me to see her and when I sat down with CJ we just talked and it had to happen. The chemistry was there, and I say within a month we were making noise. You have a few films under your belt, any more in the future?

Omillio Sparks: Movies and TV; we got that all lined up. That’s longevity there so I’m not stopping there, like you said it’s under my belt now so it don’t make sense to stop. It makes sense to keep moving forward, and that what I’m doing. Music is my first love, I gotta do that! That’s a no-brainer! I have a film coming up called “48 hours Till Dark” staring DMX and Fredro Starr. What’s the synopsis of the film?

Omillio Sparks: DMX has his own team, Fredro has his, and I have mine. We all get tipped off about the same spot. Its sort of has a “Trespass” theme, but it’s different. I know it’s gonna be crazy on set with them! How hard, or easy is it for you transitioning from rapping into acting mode?

Omillio Sparks: It’s not hard at all, it’s like remembering your script, is remembering your verses. It’s just getting into character, knowing your character, and making it come alive on screen. It’s a challenge…..but I like it, I love acting. I’m sure you get irritated by people asking you about Jay, Dame , and Beans, but how did the breakup of the Roc affect you personally?

Omillio Sparks: I was more disappointed, like WOW we were making history. It really wasn’t a bad thing for me because I was free. I was out of my contract. I was able to move like I wanted to move without being obligated to a company. But it was a disappointment because it was like a family. I was around a bunch of them dudes, we spent a lot of years together, so we grew to love each other. Then it all ended…that was crazy. It’s over so you move forward, you can’t dwell on it.  You still keep in contact with everybody?

 Omillio Sparks: Of course I keep in contact with everyone from State Property. I talk to Dame. I even saw Jay afterwards and we chopped it up. Everybody is living their own lives right now, I got to focus on me. When I’m out and about and we bump heads, we chop it up; ain’t no bad blood between me and none of them guys. Twitter…..Love it or Hate it?


 Omillio Sparks: I’m getting the hang of it. I got my Twitter page on right now! Hit me on @TheOmillioSpark. Basically letting people know my day to day, so I’m with it….It ain’t too bad! I’ll give you a shout out on Twitter

 Omillio Sparks: You gonna shout me out? What’s your Twitter? I’m @mdotperiod

 Omillio Sparks: All right I’m bout to get on Twitter and let them know I’m talking to @mdotperiod right now!

Omillio Sparks: Don’t be fronting on me when I hit you on Twitter! I’m not….I’m not. Let’s fast forward to 2011….where do you see yourself?

Omillio Sparks: On the movie screen and the music out there like crazy because we working so hard. We gonna work 2010 so by 2011 we gonna be exactly where we are supposed to be….On Top! Doing it….Its Official!Some reminders:

Jay-Z – “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” f/ Omillio Sparks

Omillio Sparks ” DJ Turn it Up”

Omillio Sparks- “It Ain’t My Fault”