Over 100 Burning Questions Of “Batman vs Superman”

You get a prize if you can answer all these!

After watching Batman Vs. Superman for a second time, I found it infinitely more enjoyable. Honesty, I didn’t care for it the first time and gave it about a 7/10. However, the second viewing also sparked about 100 questions. Also, during this other “screening,” I was siting between in between two kids that also had an seemingly infinite number of questions. So, while I watched, I jotted the questions as the movie went on.

While BvS has utterly killed at the box office there has been an endless conversation about the merits of the movie. Does it really suck? Are the critics just “a-hatin’” on an incredible work by Zack Snyder? Or are comic stans really stanning so hard that they refuse to see a big budget poo-fest when they see it? Anyway, there are spoiler galore in this so if you have not seen the movie, stop reading now!

Where EXACTLY is Gotham in relationship to Metropolis?

Cancer – wouldn’t Bruce eventually get cancer running into all that building dust? Why would he run into that anyway? He didn’t even cough.

Who was the old man “dad” Bruce kept talking to that worked for Wayne Enterprises?

When the Wayne building drops, the little girl Bruce saves is downstairs but her mom is “upstairs”? How?

So, there’s a Wayne building in Metropolis now?

Al the good Supes does, why does Batman blame Superman!? It was an alien attack!

Random divers find Kryptonite?!?

Why does Lois Lane have such a dangerous job? Shouldn’t she be chillin’ or does she have to constantly put Superman (her boyfriend) in messed up positions?

How exactly does Superman get blamed for a shootout gone wrong in Africa?

Batman…torture? Really? Violence is one thing, but torture is another.

Why is Batman hunting Lex’s Russian merc?

Is Lex Luthor, Jr. a fake Joker, or JokerLite? He is a junior, right?

Kryptonite for all “meta humans”? Lex has all the info.

Crushed Legs Wallace is p##### at Bruce and Superman!? Why? Was he just stewing over not getting a check? Wouldn’t he call and get it right, instead of living in poverty? And wouldn’t he be able to reason that Superman was fighting other aliens for the benefit of humankind?

And the Wallace dude hated Bruce Wayne, even though the billionaire pulled his ungrateful ass out from the fallen building and presumably was sending him money.

After making headlines, wouldn’t Wayne Enterprises check why Wallace dude wasn’t getting paid?

Don’t they know Lex’s dad (the original Lex Luthor) is PURE EVIL? Why would the government, Batman or Superman deal with the child of a criminal mastermind, clearly up to something. Dude was off his rocker, even when he made the speech.

How can Lex just activate alien technology? Full access? Fingerprints. And how magical is his blood to create Doomsday like that?

Batman in random fight club? Looking for…a connect to Superman? Or Lex?

Why didn’t Lois tell her man about the bullet in Africa? Why withhold it from the man that just saved her existence?

Where does Bruce live? He randomly gets invited to Lex’s house like they in the same city. How, Sway?

And then he runs into Wonder Woman at the same party with Clark. They all live in Metropolis? They are all in the same social circle with a Lex-degree of separation?

Bruce straight got caught in the computer room B. Why didn’t Lex’s lady ring the alarm? Why would that room be next to the kitchen and not in a secure location?

Clarke and Bruce know each other’s secrets? They sure acted like it at Lex’s social.

So half the Justice League end up in Lex’s basement?

Superman is literally a false god for real. Why is this disputed, debated and why do people get upset when folks say this?

Superman didn’t save one Black person. They recreated Katrina in New Orleans, but with White people. Super racist!

Why wouldn’t Batman be HOT NEWS, Perry White!???? He crazy? Clark keeps bringing the story of a vigilante that dresses up like a Bat that tortures criminals and the editor-in-chief of the paper acts like its something stupid from the 1930’s? Really?

Why did Wonder Woman give back the drive to Bruce after “borrowing” it? Everybody’s secrets were on there. She didn’t even know that he was Batman at that point. She needed her secrets off the drive.

Batman’s futuristic freaky vision/dream makes him a hater of Superman in real life?

Why didn’t Clark Kent get fired? He was crazy MIA from his job.

How did Batman get from the top of the crane to the Bat Mobile so easily? How the hell did he get to the top of the crane in the first place? Just to shoot a tracker he didn’t really need?

How did Batman drive the Bat Mobile “home”? Superman tore it out the frame.

Why didn’t Superman just bust Batman up and take him to the cops. It would have taken two minutes tops. Why “warn” him if he was already out torturing and stuff?

Why didn’t Superman confiscate that Kryptonite? Certainly he “heard” what was going on with Batman and Lex’s terror group. Why did he step to Batman anyway? Bats was fighting terrorists!

Why did they have to blow up Soledad O’Brien. I love her!

Why does Superman “hover” so much? For a dude not trying to seem like a god, he was perpetrating a big fraud!

Why didn’t Superman wear a suit to court? Would they finally realize he look just like a certain reporter that no longer acts like a bumbling idiot as a disguise?

What is Superman’s suit made of? It sure is nice and can survive a direct hit from a nuclear missile.

So Lex’s genius let’s him man wholly alien technology?!! I mean, he just goes in and knows exactly what to do? I know I said this, but c’mon!

Batman buffs up to fight Superman lifting weights? Pull ups?

Why did the encryption have logos and names to the Meta Humans? So, Lex knows their superhero names and logos..before the Justice League even exists? They did not refer to her as Wonder Woman once in the movie so she has not been anointed yet.

Is it me or does Aquaman look more like King Neptune?

Again why’d she essentially give Bruce her secret!?! And others?

Is Wonder Woman a Meta Human?

How can Supes get depressed and leave while he has a job as Clark Kent? This guy is like Jimmy Fallon! He’s a symbol of Hope and happiness!

His dead Dad really gives him a lecture at the fortress of solitude? My father passd and he shows up in my dreams but never like that! I wish!

Wait, was that the Fortress of Solitude or Antarctica?

Why do Superman and Batman have so many visions, dreams, nightmares and agonizing thoughts about their parents anyway? Can they remember anything good? Are they on ’shrooms?

Why are Bruce’s parents’ graves so decrepit!??? Doesn’t he have a person to cut the grass?

What happened to Morgan Freeman’s character? Wasn’t he Batman’s munitions guy that made Batman so dope? Wasn’t Alfred a confidant and a butler? Can a brother or sister get any love?

Why does Martha (Superman’s mother) work in a dive diner still? Why does she looks so broke?

Why doesn’t Superman protect his Mom or Lois before they are kidnapped and assaulted? He that depressed!?

Why doesn’t Supes kill Lex? Kal-El?

Lex absorbed all that alien info in his human brain DNA?

How dark will Supes suit get? This thing is almost black, people!

Wouldn’t Superman kill Lex on sight seeing his mom like that? He’s got that rage now.

Batman and Supe fight over notes and extortion from Lex? A miscommunication?

Bruce just gives Wonder Woman her all the data…after she gives it back to him. Wouldn’t he think something could be awry or do they just innately have trust like that?

What is U.S. UUVA ALPHA 2?

Does Lois tell Perry White Superman is her Man? Sure looked like it!

Why didn’t Batman make Kryponite bullets? Why a spear?

Why doesn’t he make it a dagger that he keeps on him? Why a spear?

And, if Superman inhaled Krytonite dust, wouldn’t he be weakened for a very long time since it would be in his system – not just around him?

Before being defeated by Batman, Superman says, ”Save Martha” – not mommy? He calls his mother by her first name?

Batman had “dream” upon hearing the word “Martha”? Why all the flashbacking! Is Flash doing this?

Wouldn’t Lex’s Super Terrorist murder Martha instantly when he heard all that commotion in the other room?

Where was Superman all this time, while Batman was putting in work saving his precious Martha?

Just getting to Lex, Supes? Faster than a speeding bullet? Oh really?

Why did Lois throw the deadly Kryptonite spear in the water? Why leave it for some Gotham fisherman to find again??

What exactly the hell is Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman doing this entire movie? She is literally just at “things” here and there. At a party. At a museum. At a plane. WTF is she actually doing before she saves Superman and Batman.

Now they “care” about Superman, but not enough not to nuke him? Wouldn’t a nuke rain nuclear material on both Gotham and nearby Metropolis?

So this random uninhabited island is in the middle of Gotham and Metropolis? And Doomsday lands on it. OK.

You do realize Superman took no less than three deadly L’s in this movie, right?

How is Batman surviving all this radioactive exposure from Doomsday?

How does Superman hear Lois underwater punching concrete in all that battle with Doomsday, totally leaving WW and useless Batman alone?

Isn’t it all Lois’ fault? Isn’t she really just in the way?

Why did they cut Lex’s hair off anyway?

How Superman and Clark die and nobody question anything? Clark “died on the job” or was he just missing from work for weeks?

Are Superman and Clark Irish?

How is Bruce suddenly the optimistic one at the end? Wouldn’t Superman’s death make him infinitely more darker and depraved? Will Batman ever consider fighting petty crimes now that he’s in Superman and Wonder Woman’s super-powered league?

How are the “others” like Diana? They have no similarities like mutants, right?

Why didn’t Batman brand Lex? He punched the wall. Brand him so he can be somebody’s bish.

How did a “criminal” like Batman even get in a super-duper max jail like that and get out? Wouldn’t he be arrests as a vigilant?

Why did the dirt float? Just wondering?

The dirt floated. Why?