Pat Muresan Trades 15 Years Of Skateboarding For The Studio

Germany-born, Atlanta-based recording artist Pat Muresan has been skateboarding his entire life, but after breaking his ankle, he would discover his innate passion for music.

Pat Muresan has plans to get over the rap game. At 24 years old, the skateboarder turned recording artist arrives with a melting pot of different cultures, being born in Germany and raised in Atlanta. Son to Romanian parents, they made the move to the States to provide a better life for their children.

A teenage Pat Muresan would sneak out of his parents’ home to visit local record stores and fall in love with classic rap albums. 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Andre 3000 are just a few of the artists he aspired to become.

After graduating high school and going on to win national competitions as a skateboarder, Pat broke his ankle and needed an outlet. 15 years of skateboarding later, 17-year-old Muresan would find his new love and passion in the studio.

Pat describes himself as a “ex-amateur skateboarder, current artist, fashion-driven, party lifestyle…” he adds with a laugh.

AllHipHop caught up with Pat who was locked in the studio in Atlanta to discuss how he got his start in music, why his project is called Prima Donna, his love for Future, favorite songs, and more!

AllHipHop: How are you feeling?

Pat Muresan: Not s##t, at the studio. I’m always vibing. I switch them out on my phone so whatever the vibe is. I have the Hue lights so I set it up to whatever I want. I’m at Doppler Studios in Atlanta.

AllHipHop: How’s Atlanta holding up right now?

Pat Muresan: It’s going crazy right now. There are protesters and s##t going crazy. Our city’s f##king busted right now, there are cops everywhere. People are busting into stores, stealing s##t. It’s crazy.

AllHipHop: Talk about being born in Germany, how does that play into your life and career?

Pat Muresan: I was born in Germany, I lived there till I was 2. My mom and dad are Romanian, so we moved to Romania till I was 7. Then I moved to Atlanta in 2002.

AllHipHop: Talk about all the different cultures.

Pat Muresan: The culture in Atlanta is crazy, it’s very strongly driven out of Atlanta. I’ve bounced around trying to find myself from everything, but I turned to music. With skateboarding, music was always my passion. Not being an artist but you can’t live without music, so that was always my s##t. I grew up in Atlanta, Atlanta is music. Or at least I feel like it is.

AllHipHop: Who did you grow up listening to?

Pat Muresan: I grew up on 50, Outkast, Lil Wayne. Moving here, it was Pac. He passed away, Biggie passed away before I even moved to the States. It was radio. We’re foreign so my dad would take me to the record store. I’d buy whatever was poppin’ really, whatever was cool. I don’t have a favorite or someone in particular, I grew up on hip-hop. That’s the only thing I really listened to. When it comes to bands or jazz, I don’t know s##t about that. I really grew up on Hip Hop.

AllHipHop: What did you like about 50 Cent?

Pat Muresan: Honestly when I moved, I didn’t even know 90% of the things he was saying because I spoke no English at all. That was my s##t. “Many Men,” “In da Club,” you couldn’t tell me s##t when I was listening to that. Even now when I listen to Spanish music, I love Bad Bunny. I love J Balvin. I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s the feel and the vibe of it.

AllHipHop: What language were you speaking?

Pat Muresan: I speak Romanian, fluently. Probably better than I do English, and I speak pretty good English. I can say anything.

AllHipHop: At what point did you realize the music thing was for real?

Pat Muresan: I did a cover to Mac Miller called “Loud.” I was going to college, one of my buddy’s dads asked “yo, what’re you going to college for?” I said I’m going for business.” He said “you don’t need to go to college, you can just work for me.” It’s a big corporate business, he’s the director. I’m like “I want to do something. If I can find something I can put half of what I put into skateboarding, I can actually take it to the next level.” I did a cover song to Mac Miller, I was never in the studio before. I did it on Photo Booth on my Mac, that was my s##t. I uploaded it on Youtube, then I took it down because I thought “oh my gosh I suck.” [laughs] That’s what started it.

AllHipHop: You released your project Prima Donna, congrats!

Pat Muresan: Thank you so much, it’s actually doing really good. We’re about to hit a million in 3 weeks so it’s doing really good. “Reckless” is going crazy on TikTok too, “Baggage” is going crazy. I’m over 50 million on TikTok in 2 weeks on “Reckless” so it’s going good.

AllHipHop: Is this your first project?

Pat Muresan: Mmhmm, my first project. I released songs before, I had a single with “Chris Brown.” But I was in a bad place, bad contract before. I signed, and you know how it goes. So it took me a while.

AllHipHop: What’s the significance in the title Prima Donna?

Pat Muresan: I got to the fourth or fifth song, “Bad News” was the second song I did. My whole project I did in order. I didn’t even mean to do it but my manager Key Thomas came in here. I was 5 songs in, they’re like “yo, we’re going to do a project now. What’s the project going to be called?” I’ve never done a project before, I don’t even know how to go about that. I went back and listened to all these songs, I realized all these songs I’m writing are about a particular girl.

I’m going back on what you want, bad news, designer, I’m talking about this girl but she’s that girl. That girl’s a primadonna. Me and my producer Chris Clark sat down one night. We’re 5 songs in, we had to figure out what the album’s going to be called. Kept going back and listening to the songs, it all linked into Prima Donna.

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AllHipHop: What can we expect from the “Designer” visual?

Pat Muresan: The visual for “Designer” is going to be crazy. We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to shoot to. My distribution company’s calling me like “what do you want shoot to? What do you want to film to?” I’m trying to figure out what, but it’s going to be crazy. It’s not a performing type music video, it’s commercial. It shows me and fashion, a clean commercial type music video which I‘ve been wanting this whole time.

AllHipHop: You’ve styled for Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus. How did fashion lead into music?

Pat Muresan: It was my look, they’re like “yo, you should make music.” That’s how it turned to. Me always making clothes, my mom went to school for sewing so I have 4 sewing machines at the house. I’d sew clothes and started styling people, styled a tour for an artist. It was always clothes first, but that’s something I’m natural to. I was never on a microphone, I never recorded. I was the fresh white boy. Everyone’s like “you should make music, you should make music.” f##k it, let’s make music.

AllHipHop: Do you miss skating?

Pat Muresan: Yeah, I still go skating all the time. Not like I used to. Obviously, I’m probably not as good anymore because I work out. I started working out ever since, I feel like I’m off balance sometimes. But I still skate. If you go through my Instagram, I’m still skating.

AllHipHop: What songs mean the most to you and why?

Pat Muresan: Someone else asked me that the other day. I get 60 to 100 DMs a day like “yo, what’s your favorite song?” I don’t know, I like all of them in order. I put everything into every single one. The other day, I actually tried to listen to my whole project again. I was listening now before we got on, trying to figure out my top 3 favorite songs. I’ll find them, but then I’ll get to the next time and be like “nah f##k that, this is my favorite.”

I really, really love “Picture Perfect.” “Picture Perfect” is slept-on the most because it’s the last song on the project. My least favorite at the beginning was “Prima Donna,” the intro. That was my least favorite song. I wanted to take that off so bad like “yo I want to take that off.” That’s everyone’s favorite, which is crazy.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

Pat Muresan: Girls [laughs], a candle, and some tequila. Of course, my engineer and A&R.

AllHipHop: Are you sipping on tequila right now?

Pat Muresan: Yep, I’m on some Don Julio right now.

AllHipHop: Who’s in your Top 5?

Pat Muresan: I listen to Atlanta rap. I’ll go to Spotify, go to top Hip Hop and rap and listen to everyone. I love Lil Tecca. I love Thug, Gunna‘s new album. I listen to Atlanta music. I live in Atlanta so it’s hard to pick a favorite artist. My all-time favorite artist is Future though.

AllHipHop: What’s your favorite Future song?

Pat Muresan: Probably “Magic” or “Turn On The Lights.” I grew up on Future. His new album came out, I don’t even care I’m listening. I met him a couple times. I hung out with Bieber, I’ve hung out with everyone. I’m in Usher’s studio right now, Usher’s one of my dawgs. I meet a bunch of celebrities and it’s whatever but when I met Future, holy s##t. I’m like whoa. He’s amazing, he’s great.

AllHipHop: What are some goals for yourself at this point of your career?

Pat Muresan: I hope my project does good. I’m obviously trying to go on tour, I want to build an actual fanbase. I want my numbers to go up. I’m ready to drop some new s##t. I’m 30 songs into my next project so we’re going to narrow those down, get some features. Trying to get this Chris Brown feature right now so hopefully that comes through. Keep building and establishing myself as an artist, that’s really my goal.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

Pat Muresan: Look out for the “Designer” music video coming out. More music, more videos. Trying to go on tour once this Coronavirus s##t goes away, see me out. I’m in Atlanta so I’m here.