Obasi Jackson Is More Than Pop Smoke’s Brother

obasi jackson

Pop Smoke’s death shook up the industry so profoundly that we continue to talk about it. However, real people are related to the rapper and his brother Obasi is carrying a torch of a different flame.

Obasi Jackson is doing the best he can. As he walks into WonWorld Studios, he’s handling the business of Pop Smoke, his late brother. The estate presses on and Obasi Jackson continues to move forward as well. As painful as that may be, he has no choice. However, the Brooklyn native’s prescence in the Manhattan studio represents another step forward to his destiny.

His new album, Memories, is like white water rafting over a sea of emotions. The opus continues to gain attention as a body of work that delves deep into Obasi’s mind and mental state presently. Refreshing and, at times, distressing, Memories is a stark reminder that Pop Smoke’s older brother was an artist before the tragic murder of his sibling. The manevers effortlessly through a plethora of genres, motifs and styles. And yet, the questions linger.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Obasi Jackson talk about everything from mental health, to death to managing life. Tap in.