Positive K: Don’t Call It A Comeback


Positive K officially entered The Hip-Hop game in 1986, before some of the chart topping rappers of today were even born. Many might not realize, that rappers such as Pos, were the bridge between the “hat, cat, bat, mat” more party oriented elementary styles of lyrical word play, and the more complex rhyme styles and subject matter that would lead to the Nas’, Az’s and Big Pun’s.

Artists like Grand Puba and his best friend Pos’ the Dapper, would be the conduits of this lyrical evolution. Positive K, not only put his rhymes on wax…He put his style on wax.

The Bronx bred, emcee built his buzz, first as an artist managed by Professor X (X-Clan), and next on MC Lyte’s “I’m Not Havin It’ (a concept of woman vs. player on the same record, which has been duplicated a million times since).

It would actually be his updated version of his own theme “I Got A Man” that would catapult him into the pop stratosphere, selling 2 million albums, with a light hearted classic, around the same time most New York artists where being knocked out of the box by Gangsta Rap.

Even though Positive K stayed busy, appearing in movies like Bronx Tale, and making collaborations with a variety of artists (He even appeared on a track with Beavis and Butthead for their album) many people were thinking like Nas, who summoned the Hip-Hop pioneer to appear on the remix to the single “Where are They Now?”

It turns out Positive K is still releasing Hip-Hop music and videos. He’s not your typical old school guy trying to make a comeback. No comeback needed, he’s been here for years. He’s also expanded his Creative Control imprint into comedy and he’s succeeding in that arena as well.

Check out this interview below:

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