PREMIERE: Nervous 90's Hip Hop Revisited


When you look back at the catalog of Nervous Records‘ Hip-Hop music, its actually quite remarkable all the acts that they have been associated with over the years. From Black Moon to Smif-N-Wessun to Mad Lion and Funkmaster Flex, Nervous Records was able to pull together a host of talent still regarded by many in the Hip-Hop world as the purest Hip-Hop that ever existed and made Nervous 90’s Hip Hop Revisited.

Fast forward 20 years later and famed British DJ, Jaguar Skills has remixed and flipped the original tracks with his cut-n-paste style of DJing to highlight some of the classic tracks from Nervous Records’ dusty catalog.

What better of a way to bring old records to life than to highlight the material in an updated and reworked form. The original records reappear in a creative and upbeat way that keeps you bobbing your head to the 90’s classics smoothly transitioning from one song to the next with epic radio interludes of chopping and mixing from DJ Jaguar Skills.



To kick things off Nervous Records and Jaguar Skills start the project with KRS-One’s “Big Up, New York” that KRS-One recorded while doing some work for reggae group Mad Lion. KRS has always carried the torch for the Hip-Hop world, so you have to always praise the efforts of this Hip-Hop legend staying true to the art form and preserving the essence of the genre. There is also a remix to this on eat the end of the project.



“Who Got Da Props” gets reworked in the form of DJ Jaguar Skills remix called “Powaful Impak!” track that features cuts of Busta Rhymes, and of course Buckshot’s classic flow.

Funkmaster Flex makes an appearance on the track “Safe Sex, No Freaks” feat. Mad Lion & Smif-N-Wessun which is a Jaguar Skills 90’s Club Remix.

If you are a fan of Reggae music, then you def gotta check out the Mad Lion collabs throughout the project, especially the KRS-One collab featuring a big Bronx shout out out Fat Joe and DJ Red Alert.

Black Moon’s “Murder MC’s” feat Mad Lion fits perfectly within the other tracks on the project as the Jaguar Skills “Re-Fix” is carried by a resounding organs and strings that echo throughout the track.

Lets not forget the ODB appearance on track 10 in the form of some chopped lyrics for a hook on the radio interlude.

This project will serve as a nice reminder of the talent and styles that existed in the 1990s in hip-hop music. To this date Buckshot, Tek, Steele and KRS-One can be found touring the world performing these songs, a testament to their staying power and influence on the Hip-Hop genre.

In the mean time Jaguar Skills has jumped into the greater consciousness of Hip-Hop heads worldwide that owe Mr. Skills a great bunch of gratitude for dusting off the old KRS-One track and breathing life into a lost classic. From the radio interludes that remixes with his own production, its clear that Jaguar Skills has earned and deserves all the recognition he receives for his work on this project, which is a service to Hip-Hop culture.

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