Profiles In Battle Rap: Carter Deems


Carter Deems is not the typical 2010 era battle rapper. He is more likely to spit rhymes about calico cats than calico guns. His rounds are full of absurdly effective pizza punchlines, Star Wars bars, and microwave wordplay.

With a growing fan base that includes T-Pain, Deems is building a buzz that is likely to push the unabashed “rap nerd” to even higher plateaus in the culture. A chart topping R&B singer may love Carter’s style, but what does his family think? According to the Dirty South rhymer’s sarcastic Twitter bio, that support seems to be lacking: “My parents found out that I’m a battle rapper :(.” connected with the jokester for the most recent installment of the “Profiles In Battle Rap” series. Deems continued his funnyman routine with comments about uplifting his competitors, making friends during water aerobics, and his possible future career at The Dump furniture store.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Years Experience

6 years


I don’t really have a crew, but I met some guys at water aerobics, and we played laser tag once. We haven’t really hung out since then though.


“Pizza over everything.”

Leagues Competed In

Don’t Flop, King Of The Dot, Spit Dat Heat, No Coast, Power & Respect

Favorite Battle (Participant)

I really enjoyed battling Isaac Knox, because he showed me pics of his cute cat at the end of our battle. 

Favorite Battle (Non-Participant)

Shuffle-T vs Marlo 

One Of Your All Time Hottest Lines

“Carter’s skill, arctic chill – I grew up by polar bears. I’m grizzly and cuddly at the same time like a bipolar bear. So nice I will probably buy a polar bear and release him into the wild like ‘bye polar bear’.”

Your Battle Rap Mount Rushmore

Nocando, Tiger Ty, Soul Khan, Head I.C.E.

One Mainstream Rapper You’d Like To Battle


Which New Battler Is The Most Serious Threat When They’re On Their A-Game


What Two Battlers Would You Most Like To See Face Off

Nocando versus anybody.

Your Battle Rap Hit List

I don’t really have a hit list. I’m really just doing this as a way to make new friends.

Top 5 Emcees DOA

Andre 3000, Kool A.D., Gucci Mane, Homeboy Sandman, Ludacris

Do You Prefer To Participate In A Debatable Battle Or A Clear Victory?

I’m happy as long as my opponent feels better than he did before the battle.

What Has Been The Hardest Part Of Succeeding In Battle Rap?

Sometimes people can be real meanies.

Where Do You See Your Career Five Years From Now?

I’ll probably have my own TV show where I provide commentary about cat videos on YouTube. Or I might be a sign flipper for a mattress outlet store.

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