Profiles In Battle Rap: T-Rex


(AllHipHop Features) It could be argued that Harlem, New York is the epicenter of the current battle rap scene. The locale has birthed numerous top-tier performers in the culture including 112th St and St. Nicholas Ave’s T-Rex.

With over 20 on-camera match-ups throughout his career, Rex’s stat sheet features bouts against some of the best battlers in the world. This past summer the 29-year-old emcee/songwriter earned a title no other battle rapper can claim at the moment when he took out Cortez, Marv One, Big T, and Daylyt to win the first Total Slaughter tournament championship.

In the 6th edition of’s “Profiles In Battle Rap,” T-Rex shares which battle rap stars he wants to jump into the ring with next. He also reveals the one mainstream rapper he’d like to face, his favorite battles, top 5 DOA, and more.

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I’m from Harlem 112 Street, no fear.

Years Experience

I have 17 years doing this.

Style Known For (ie aggression, wordplay, punchlines, freestyle)

My style is aggressive punchlines and real lines you can relate to I call it. Grown man bars.


My crew is Dot Mob – Murda Mook, K-Shine, Daylyt, Tay Roc, Dan Bars, Real Deal, Chayna Ashley, Star Smilez.


I have a few slogans: “Grown man bars”, “This n***a dead”,  and “Get da n***a Rex”.

Leagues Competed In

The Street, Fight Klub, Hoodlife Ciphas, Smack DVD/URL, Grind Time, Battle America, Ahat, Ultimate Warrior, U-Dubb, Colorado Battle League, and I’m the first champion of Eminem’s Road To Total Slaughter reality show, and Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School.


8/30, Blood Of A Dinosaur, I Pitty Da Fool, Summer Time, and my new album called Pito Pops.

Favorite Battle (Participant)

My favorite is Me vs Aye Verb. 

Favorite Battle (Non-Participant)

My second is Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux.

One Of Your All Time Hottest Lines

My hottest, I don’t know, but my favorite is –  “Mook want 25K to kill a n***a ,that’s ill/ For 25K I’ll kill a n***a for real.”

Your Battle Rap Mount Rushmore

Me, Goodz, Murda Mook, Loaded Lux

One Mainstream Rapper You’d Like To Battle

Kendrick Lamar

Name One Battler You Think Could Possibly Beat You On Their Absolute A-Game:

Nobody can beat me.

Artists You’ve Worked With Musically

God bless the dead. R.I.P. Big L, R.I.P. Stack Bundles, DJ Webstar, Ron Browz, Jim Jones, Styles P, Remy Ma, Memphis Bleek, Young Chris, K-Slay

Your Battle Rap Hit List

Charlie Clips, X-Factor, Tsu Surf, and Hollow Da Don for now

Top 5 Emcees DOA

No order – Jay Z, Eminem, 2Pac, Nas, Jadakiss

Do You Prefer To Participate In A Debatable Battle Or A Clear Victory?

I rather have a debatable battle. It has more replay value, and that will bring the best out of you.

Where Do You See Battle Rap Going In The Future?

I see battle rap like UFC fighting. Once you watch it, you fall in love with it. I will pay anything to see it. I think it’s going to go real far. We will be in our own lane and able to feed our families real soon.

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