Queen of the Ring’s Evolution 5 & Sparring Session Was Fire … Find Out Who Showed Out

C3 headlines event and her wifey had a classic with one of Harlem’s female battle rap legend. But they weren’t the only fire battles on the M3S3 and Coffee Brown sponsored battle.

Give it up for the ladies!!!!

Queen of the Ring is back and this time they have a whole new stable of girls that are sure to take the culture by storm.

Mother’s Day weekend birthed a new crop of female battle rap emcees who really should not be slept on. And like always, QOTR has curated the raw talent of today that will be the superstars of tomorrow with their Sparring Sessions.

Setting the day off were the Sparring Sessions that feature first and second-time battlers looking to add their name to the brand’s roster.


Some of the new fire-spitters that are leading the pack are St. Louis’ Aye Beezy and Philly’s Uno. Sure Aye Verb and Hitman Holla have retired, but with her lyrical depth and ferocious scheme ability, she is picking up the mantle that they set down for a minute. I mean … Verb … is she over there on that warrior island you be talking about because she is a straight beast.

Also repping crazy for her city is the drip-crazy Uno. Imagine … Ms. Fit’s swag but with the gutter greasy lingo that artists from Illadelphia have been known to spit. Yeah, that’s her. Her first time battling ever, she managed the stage like she had been born to perform on it. Then she choked but recovered with one of the most seasoned freestyle responses ever and so NO ONE EVEN CARED!

The pretty Mosca Flux mothered TikTok star Bishop Ziah, and it seemed like Aeon sonned the prepared and professional Hope Trilly with the nasty no-show. Another person stood up was Gates of the Garden’s Gatekeeper Pristavia. Perhaps the Christian rapper’s bars were going to be too anointed and manifested a true exorcism (even as she was practicing her bars with her brother Th3 Saga), casting down Diablo before the battle even came to be.

Redbangz’s son Lil Slap went viral about a week ago, but her Sparring Session was the opportunity for her to present herself to the QOTR battle rap community on her own and Karma was the perfect opp for her.

The new roster of ladies seemed ready to grab that throne usually occupied by 40 B.A.R.R.S.

Evidence of this, showcasing new rhyme styles and personalities, was the battle between OG Prana and Breezy. O.M.G. You be the judge.

Evolution 5 also brought back some seasoned faces that set the perfect example as to how top-tier battle rapping is supposed to be done.

E5 was a full card. Lady J vs. Nemesis and Shiest Raw vs. Morawsha had good standings, but the battles people wanted to see was the return of two vets: Krissy Yamagucci and Cee the (g######) Boss.

These two put on a show and reminded us why the original girls were such a beast in that ring. Both ladies were still as focused, talented, and dangerous as ever. Krissy. Krissy. Krissy. Damn. Damn. Damn. It was magical watching her … no … enchanting … as she did what all those Harlem girls do when they hit the stage … she cooked with an unorthodox yet charming lyricism … the crowd could not get enough. They simply missed her.

The crowd missed Cee the Boss too. She was like a rabid dog, crazed and possessed. She lyrically attacked Krissy like she didn’t even know the girl. To quote Vada Fly … “When you start rapping like that?”  An instant classic, they took their welcome back to the right like the Queens that they are.

Lady Caution stepped in at the last minute for Zan to perform a one-rounder with the Fly KingI. Each one in this intergender match-up had only one week to prepare. Still, it had one of the most entertaining rounds of the night as the Fly KingI made sure that his QOTR debut was memorable.

The last of the highlighted battles is Queens native C3 vs. Long Beach’s BR14. This battle was fire. BR14 is a brilliant thinker and constructs her rounds with the ease of a seasoned thought-leader. Her rhymes weren’t so cerebral that no one could follow, but they were intricate enough to remind us that the West Coast shorty doo-wop should be battling more (don’t retire again).

While the Zeta came ready to represent ACEs all across the Divine 9 in her contest, she fell a little short to the seasoned Goonie. This was a different C3 and perhaps BR14 pushed her pen to a different limit. C3’s freestyle ability and swift wit just are unmatched. She also had a glow around her that only comes with a) experience, b) skill sets, c) being comfortable with the entire environment, and most of all d) a desire to re-establish herself as one of Debo, Vague, and Babs top gunners. Welp… with this extraordinary performance, she did it!

Indeed, give it up for the ladies. Also, give it up to Debo, Vague, Babs, Coffee Brown, and Fred from M3S3 for producing one of the best female battle rap events of the year.