EXCLUSIVE! Rapsody: “Femcee” is a Derogatory Term


“It wasn’t until I got into the business that I understood how derogatory and separating the term is; and it takes you and puts you in this box…I came to not like the term at all. I just want to see myself as an MC. I’m just as good, if not better than some of you guys.”  -Rapsody

As she continues to share the depth of her voice as an MC, Rapsody, proves that she is truly inspired by her journey in rhyme. The North Carolina native’s student mentality reinforces her continued growth as a lyricist, and as an overall artist. A tangible spirit is infused into each sixteen that she spits. With bars enriched by empirical experiences, the Beauty and the Beast wordsmith uses her innate gift to share her perspective.

Within this exclusive interview, the Jamla Records representative explains why she believes the term “femcee possesses a pejorative meaning.  A momentary pause introduces her comment, “When it comes to emceeing– it’s all in your mind and in your brain; you use these words and music — and it’s an even playing field when you’re talking about that.” As the discussion delves deeper, she offers her insight on why she no longer views the term as empowering one.

Do your thoughts on the term “femcee” support or contradict those of Rapsody’s?