Reach Records’ Andy Mineo Charts High With Message And “Heroes For Sale”


Andy Mineo

“I want to combine the message that I believe in deeply with the catchiness of these hip hop songs and choruses,” says Mineo. “I really think it makes a powerful combination to speak to the hearts of people all over the world.”

Atlanta-based Reach Records’ (Lecrae, Trip Lee, etc.) latest artist Andy Mineo released his highly anticipated debut album, Heroes for Sale. The new project debuted at #2 on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts just behind Kid Cudi’s new ‘INDICUD’, and #3 overall. Pretty cool for an artist of Faith.

Heroes for Sale blends a variety Mineo’s musical influences including hymns, heavy metal, hip-hop, and classical while unveiling a personal side of the hip hop artist. Mineo strips back layers of his own life in Heroes for Sale and gets real with his audience to reveal his authentic self, letting them see into his brokenness in hopes that they will identify with that.

When describing the message behind Heroes for Sale, Mineo states, “We make heroes out of a lot of things. We make heroes out of people. We believe ourselves to be greater than we really are. We make ourselves look like heroes to other people. What I really wanted to do is show the brokenness of the heroes that we create and the heroes that we try to be in order to show that there is ultimately only one great hero [God].”

The result is an 16-track album echoing bold messages and infectious beats.  Birthed from Mineo’s collaboration with highly-acclaimed artists such as the Grammy Award winning Lecrae, Trip Lee, Christon Gray and Grammy nominee Flame, the project opens with the classical hymn, “I Will Rise and Go to Jesus,” setting the stage for the remaining tracks including “Tug of War” with Krizz Kaliko lacing the hook.

Reach Records kicked off the buzz for the project with the release of a music video for the first single “AYO!”

You can purchase ‘Heroes For Sale’ on iTunes now.

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