Remy Ma, QB, And Ms. Hustle Talk Battle Rap And Chrome 23

Remy Ma, Ms. Hustle, QB Black Diamond

Remy Ma, Ms. Hustle, and QB Black Diamond talk battle rap with AllHipHop! The Chrome 23 battle is coming later this month!

At this point, Remy Ma is a true Queen in Hip-Hop. The Bronx native has lined up a massive rap battle for her league Chrome 23. He has paired QB Black Diamond vs. 40 BARRS, Casey Jay vs. O’fficial,  Couture vs. Ms. Hustle, and  Pristavia vs. Yoshi G on a card that takes place on Sunday, February 27th. It was only right that Remy Ma talk to AllHipHop about her plans, her history in battle rap and if she will jump back into the ring.

Rem didn’t come alone though.

Walking into WonWorld Studios in New York, QB Black Diamond, Ms. Hustle and a minature posse accompanies Remy into the conversation. There is an electricity around this event, which will have a live event and live stream. Women in rap have long been party to some of the most exciting battles in history, but since URL, Queen of the Ring, we have seen a metamorphisis like never before.

Remy’s Chrome 23 is a branch on the family tree that brings much to the conversation. “Female Rap will never be the same!” Remy Ma says boldly. “It’s only right I take it back to where I started at! You don’t wanna miss this! Sidebar: I’m sooooo hyped!”

Remy, QB and Ms. Hustle talk to SlopsShotYa in an engaging, fun and real conversation that will definitely give insight on why this battle league is so important.

Chrome 23 trailer.