Remy Martin: Bloody Attitude

Remy Martin, the 23-year-old protégée of Big Pun, lingers at a crossroads. She is unsigned, but clearly commands the allure and lyrics to join any team or label. caught up to Remy as she ponders the future and a bunch of other entertaining stuff. So where are you at right now? Remy: Right […]

Remy Martin, the

23-year-old protégée of Big Pun, lingers at a crossroads. She

is unsigned, but clearly commands the allure and lyrics to join any team or

label. caught up to Remy as she ponders the future and a bunch

of other entertaining stuff.

So where are you at right now?

Remy: Right now,

I’m in the process of trying to find a new deal. I’m trying to see where I’mma

go, who am I gonna put my career hands in. Not even my career, because I’ll

never put my career in nobody hands ever again. Who am I gonna let, you know,

who am I gonna trust to help me. Because I gotta put my album out, I gotta get

some material out, I gotta do something, you know what I’m saying? I can’t do

it independently; I can’t just put out my own album. I do mix CDs, I do all

that other sh*t. But right now, I’m in the process of trying to get a deal,

and just get my album out. That’s about it. So n*ggas could shut the f**k up

already. [Laughs]

AllHipHop: So you

have most of the album already… like, it’s ready?

Remy: Well, I got

crazy sh*t from when I was signed to Loud. Like, I got songs that I did with

Pun before he died. I got songs that I did with Pun, I got songs with Nore,

a song with Claudette Ortiz from City High. But I wanna do new sh*t. I’m gonna

wanna do a new album.

AllHipHop: Are

you scared that, well probably not scared, that…

Remy: That it won’t

be good?

AllHipHop: Nah.

That when you get to a label, that you’re gonna get to a label and you’re gonna

lose some of that creative control?

Remy: I mean, it’s

not even really creative control. It’s nothing that I really have a problem

with. As long as I can pick my own beat. I write all my own rhymes, every f**king

syllable you ever heard me spit, I wrote. So it’s like, they can’t take that

from me. And all I gotta do is pick my beats. All that other sh*t, it don’t

matter to me. As far as little dumb sh*it like, what’s gonna be the first single;

maybe that might be a little problem.

AllHipHop: And

image-wise. Do you think that image-wise there’s gonna be any kind of change

or that they would even try to change you?

Remy: I guess so.

I don’t think there’s a problem. We went through that when I was signed to Loud,

they really was stressing… Yo, I had to tell these n*ggas everyday like, ‘Quit

trying to change me, Gina!’ [Laughs] n*ggas was out of control like, ‘Yo, but

Rem we need to do a happy song, you know, a song for the ladies. You can’t say

kill the b*tches on every song.’ So it’s like, we went through that for a little

bit. I don’t think I’m ugly. And then it’s not like I dress like a f**king s###-bag-w####,

with a skirt up the crack of my ass. Even though, you might catch me with a

skirt up the crack of my ass one day [laughing] and you might catch me with

my pants hanging off my ass the next day. I could never be Kim, to the point

where she feels like, I know she feel like sometimes, like sometimes she just

wanna come outside in her f**king sweatsuit. But she can’t because of the image

that they set up for her. Or how Da Brat was, she was so stuck in the whole

tomboyish thing. When she did come out, everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, did

you see Da Brat?’ So, I don’t wanna be stuck in that. You know what I be hearing?

And it’s so crazy because I didn’t even know that I had a image yet. Everybody’s

like, ‘Yo, you know who’s trying to steal your image? Babs from Making the Band.’

AllHipHop: You

know what it is? Again like I said, there’s very very few girls that n*ggas

I’ ll give props to like that. And a lot of guys are saying that she can spit.

Remy: Who Babs?

Let’s just put it as, if I woulda went to the Making the Band audition, she

would not be there. That’s what I think. I’m not saying, I don’t think she’s

dumb wack.

AllHipHop: You

can’t think of not one girl that’s rhyming that could even hold a candle, could

open a show for Remy Martin?

Remy: I don’t know.

I like Fox [Brown]. But I know she doesn’t write all her rhymes, so that takes

mad credibility away. I literally ran into n*ggas that… I asked her. She told

me that she writes her own rhymes. But I only like Foxy when she rhyme a certain

way. I like her when she’s on some gutter sh*t, she be flipping little reggae

sh*t, that’s cool with me. I don’t like when she on that Lil’ Kim sh*t. And

then I like Kim, but I only like Kim when she be trying to being like she been

looking like. When she OD-ing, like the Christina Aguilera sh*t she be on sometimes?

I hate that sh*t! Eve? She has a man that she thinks she gone love forever and

all that other sh*t, like those songs. I don’t f**king know! I thought Ms. Jade

was gonna be alright, but I don’t know what happened.

AllHipHop: When

you first started coming out on the scene, it was Jane Blaze, Sonya Blade, Lady

Luck. That whole class, I guess you could call it.

Remy: Luck? Luck

is cool, cool peoples. Luck calls me on a daily basis. Girls in the industry,

you said Eve is for her happy little ‘Got a man’ songs. I mean like, she’s okay,

but I can’t think of a hot 16, like a whole Eve 16 where I be like, ‘Yo, she

killed that right there.’ It’s not like you can think of the Kim [verse from

Benjamins]; the whole verse is sick.

AllHipHop: So what

do you think the biggest misconception that people have about you?

Remy: Everybody

thinks that I’m Puerto Rican. Damn I’m not. But I love Puerto Rican guys. It

has nothing to do with it. I like Black n*ggas too. Black n*ggas be hating on

me like, ‘Oh, you love them Puerto Rican n*ggas.’ I like n*ggas period. That’s

another thing: I’m so not gay. I so don’t like girls, not even as friends. Let’s

just get that straight. I f**king love d**k. I want this interview to be over

so I can go get some [laughs].

AllHipHop: Is there

a special someone in your life?

Remy: Nah. He has

a girlfriend, so I wouldn’t really say he’s in my life. There’s a special someone

in the next b*tch’s life [Laughs]. There’s a special someone in that b*tch life.

F**king s###! That’s why I’m f**king your man. I hate her

AllHipHop: Wow!

Anything that you can think of that I didn’t ask you?

Remy: I don’t know.

I just need my album to come out. That’s the main sh*t. That’s like my main

goal. Like right now, I want it. A lot of people think I’m just the, you know

"Gat that b*tch, slap that b*tch. I’m really lyrical. I’m not no dumb chick.

I was really smart in school. I’m pretty sure I got at least six of my teachers

right now that are like, "She’s a f**king rapper? What a waste!" I’m

not no dumb b*tch like some of these s### bags.