ROOTS PICNIC VIDEO: All Perms and Grins Aside, Danny Brown Offers A Real Lesson On "Progressive Hip-Hop"


Video interview credit: ICFEntertainment (@foreverahustla)

Never judge a book by its cover, so the old saying goes. And if you measure Danny Brown by traditional, mainstream standards, he just doesn’t fit the bill. There’s the obvious hair – with its asymmetrical angles and wildly permed-outedness, it’s a showstopper right from the start. In fact, it screams Midwest, where hairstyles still sometimes lean toward the Southern and Old School.

Then there are the missing teeth. With his relative young age, one wonders what caused them to be that way. Still not caring, Brown uses his signature mouth to his advantage – striking a tongue-out, eyes closed, “radical dude,” sort of face whenever appropriate. Which, in Danny Brown’s world, is whenever he wants.

He’s the other relative new big name from Detroit, and though he doesn’t know Big Sean, he has respect for his music. He also has respect for The Roots, and shows obvious surprise at the invitation to their annual Picnic in Philadelphia this year. He rocks it, and the diverse crowd (especially the White kids) are loving him.

Backstage, he’s seated off to the side in the artist village with no one around, even though all of the staring eyes nearby know exactly who he is. When introduced to staff, he laughs a nervous, toothless laugh – seemingly surprised again by the attention.

Truth be told, those who aren’t onto Danny Brown and his “income tax swag” yet need to look past the weird exterior and mannerisms and listen in. Dude is good, and “progressive’ in Hip-Hop is just what the day calls for.

Check out some Roots Picnic footage of Danny Brown, followed by our backstage interview with him talking progressivism and next moves:

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