Royce Da 5’9: Eminem, D-12 And Beef:

I don’t typically release statements, but I have heard about all of the sh*t Proof has been talking on his website and I felt I needed to respond. First, I did not start of all this bullsh*t (diss tracks). I’ve said sh*t about them out of anger and vice versa. If Eminem and I are […]

I don’t typically release statements, but I have

heard about all of the sh*t Proof has been talking on his website and I felt

I needed to respond. First, I did not start of all this bullsh*t (diss tracks).

I’ve said sh*t about them out of anger and vice versa.

If Eminem and I are supposed to be cool, then

there’s nothing we can’t talk about and squash. This whole beef started when

I gave Eminem a freestyle for the "Anger Management" Mixtape. At the

beginning of my rhyme I said "f*ck Anger Management, I need to hire somebody

to manage my anger." For some strange reason, Eminem and D-12 took that

as a diss. Why? Why would I diss Eminem the illest lyricist on the f*cking planet?

I heard that Em was upset, so I started putting

in phone calls too his camp too set the record straight and too let them know

I would never do something like that. Paul (Em’s manager) told me that "Em

is not talking to you period." Its crazy how we are supposed to be cool,

but they accuse me of something and do not even attempt to get to the bottom

of it. But I turned my back on him right?

I was heartbroken and mad at the same time because

I felt like D-12 was in his ear, because this just did not seem like the Em

that I know, or at least thought I knew, because from day one I was there for

that motherf*cker. I remember Em and Proof was beefed out and Em was not even

talking to D-12, I was the only n*gga he had. I was the one who told Em he should

put those n*gga’s (D-12) on.

Em got back in touch with them as soon as they

came back around and all they did was ask who I was and why was Em helping me,

so the envy was there from the jump! Bizarre 2-wayed me after that "Anger

Management" sh*t talking about what’s up my n*gga? I felt like he was trying

too f*ck with me by doing that, because if there are some harsh feelings in

the air why are you hitting me up? So, I told Bizarre to stop calling me cause

his sh*t is fake.

In so many words, we ended up exchanging words

via 2-Way and he went and showed the whole crew (trying to instigate sh*t as

usual). The next day, I did an online interview and when the writer asked me

"who did I think was ruining rap, who was wack and who would I like to

start a beef with" I said D-12, which I can admit was wrong on my part.

The only reason I said this, was because at that time, I was heated from the

sh*t Bizarre did! I did not mean to start a beef with them and I did not know

the writer was going to record the interview and post it online.

So, I understand why they would be upset. However,

my manager talked to Proof after this happened and Proof said D-12 did not care

and that he (Proof) ain’t really f*cking with Em like that because Em was all

on 50 Cent’s d*ck. Proof also told me that he did not think there would even

be another D-12 LP (but you guys are family huh?). After speaking with my manager,

Proof said everything was cool!

Further, Denaun hit me and said he thought everything

was stupid because everything was subliminal, we both agreed and said it was

respect as long as we kept communicating and his name was left out of it. Next

thing you know, D-12 are at 50’s release party passing out CD’s dissing me,

Ja-Rule and Benzino? So, if you wanna know why I bigged up Murder Inc. and Benzino

that’s why! And these were not just disses, but motherf*cking death threats!!

The disses I made ("Malcom X" &

"What We Do" ) were in direct response to this! They added that Internet

clip of me on one of their disses (the same one they supposedly did not care

about) and made it look like I started all of this and that I was doing it to

sell records, or because Em did not sign me. In reality, D-12 did this to get

Em’s attention because it’s all 50 Cent right now! So, the reason I put 50 in

my diss, is not because I’m on his d*ck—if it wasn’t for him, ya’ll b*tches

wouldn’t be trying to use me to regain his attention from Em!

To add insult to injury, these hoe ass n*ggas

world premiered there diss on the radio the very next day! So, who’s really

looking for attention? I went up to the radio-station the next day and played

a Bizarre diss I wrote three-years ago. I wrote that record because I thought

Bizarre dissed me on some local Mixtape around the time they were really mad

at me.

They had diss raps for Em because of me! I did

the Bizarre diss and called Proof to the studio, because he was my n*gga and

I’m a real n*gga. I told Proof, I know he’s in your camp, but he dissed me and

I gotta spank him! Proof came up to the studio, heard the record (the whole

record, including the line about Bugz), laughed and said it was crazy and told

me he loved me for being real and calling him! Proof told me he wanted me and

Em to talk, so he got us on the phone and we squashed everything!

Ya’ll n*ggas are the first ones to say ya’ll

got families and you just want to rap and get money and now your starting this

sh*t like I’m not supposed to defend myself, f*ck ya’ll! I’m a man of my word,

so when I agreed everything was squashed nobody heard that diss until now—three-years

later. In regard to the Bugz line that everyone was supposed to be all upset

about, it was just meant for Bizarre, it was not written to play on the radio

and we was rushing to the station that day to play it and we edited the sh*t

real fast and that line got missed. But to show how real I am, I felt bad that

it got played and I called Proof to apologize and was even willing to go on

the air to apologize.

After all of this, I got a voice mail from Proof

and he’s on there cocking his gun talking about what he is going to do too me.

We can write records about each other all day, but when it comes to the streets,

who wants to die over some hip-hop sh*t? Proof’s stupid ass is making all kind

of threats saying that street n*gga’s is on my head and he hopes I make it out


Proof, if I don’t make it out alive do you think

you will? Do you think Em and the rest of D-12 will survive? The beef will not

stop after me, cause I got n*ggas who will never stop until ya’ll gone—and

that’s not a threat! If I go, n*ggas grandma’s, mothers and everyone is going!

You think about that while you’re talking on these websites hyping yourself

up and calling me a lil soft suburban boy.

Proof, you know that’s Bizarre your talking about!!

n*gga’s thought he was gay in High School, he’s in your crew and you saw me

tear a whole club up damn near by myself and you was on my d*ck talking about

how good my knuckle game was and now I’m the b*tch who is getting his ass whopped

all the time? How about this, f*ck you and Tre meeting, I will meet you alone

and tear your ass up in front of no one with nothing to prove! You would never

do that, because you think you can say whatever you wanna say and hide behind

thirty n*ggas. I ain’t with that bar brawl sh*t, that’s for chumps like you

and the people you roll with! When we got beef we end it, f*ck fighting.

Proof, me and you done took our son’s to Chucky

Cheese together so there’s always a place in my heart that does not want anything

serious to happen to you, but I don’t think the feelings mutual. Answer me this,

who’s gone to take care of your lil man when something happens to you, because

something happened to me? Who’s going to explain to your family why your Grandma’s

house keeps getting shot up because of what happened to me? This sh*t is not

funny dawg, ya’ll couldn’t f*ck with me on the mic, but now ya’ll frustrated

and feel like you need to take it to the streets and leave it in the hands of

your street reps.

It does not work like that dawg; the beef don’t

stop until every main name is gone! Look at what happened to Pac and B.I.G.!

I take this sh*t serious, them street n*ggas you got, I ain’t done nothing to

them and my gangsta n*ggas laugh at ya’ll, so anybody riding that serious for

any of you n*ggas is stupid, because if they do some dumb sh*t just to impress

Eminem don’t even know him.

Eminem won’t be at your funeral so smarten up.

That’s the problem, money got ya’ll believing ya’ll own hype, but when somebody

is after you and they want you bad enough your ass is outta here, especially

if its because something happened to someone they love over what basically amounts

to nothing.

Ya’ll n*gga’s need to stick to rapping and worry

about the respect ya’ll ain’t getting in the industry. I did not tell you to

make jackasses out of yourselves, that was your idea, all I can say is its wack

or its dope; that’s nothing to kill each other over. So calm your so-called

street n*ggas down, because its not going to go like you think (trust me on

this one) they don’t know the half! Get as deep as you want, I got the invisible

street team and they ain’t f*cking around with ya’ll, cause your all too deep

in the hype.

So, whoever thinks I started this, I hope this

sets the record straight. What the f*ck do I stand to gain by dissing the biggest

rapper in the country? How could that help me? And for the record, I do think

Em is a better rapper then me, but he ain’t writing no record about me, because

regardless of what goes down, trust me, Em knows what I am capable of lyrically.

Ya’ll n*ggas is clowns and the real will make itself visible!

I ain’t speaking on D-12 no more, because I already

made it painfully obvious that I can single-handedly crush their whole crew.

The only reason Tre was on the record was because you mentioned his name. You

don’t see D-Elite writing records about ya’ll, because nobody takes you serious.

If we was trying to do this for attention, wouldn’t we try to get the most out

of it? Don’t talk my head off, if this sh*t is that serious, then why is Swifty

at the studio by himself with no protection?

Eminem, if n*ggas start dropping are you going

to be able to weigh that on your conscience? You have the power to squash this,

smarten up and quit letting outside n*ggas with no name and nothing to lose

hype it up? In the long run Em, your going to lose out more then anybody!

One Hundrit,

Royce 5’9