Snow Tha Product: Breaking The Cookie Cutter Mold

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest female MC of them all? Had the Wicked Queen asked that question, there’s a good chance the answer would have been Snow tha Product (formerly known as Snow White by the way), …

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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest female MC of them all? Had the Wicked Queen asked that question, there’s a good chance the answer would have been Snow tha Product (formerly known as Snow White by the way), out of today’s current roster of female rappers. The Atlantic Records artist has been busy as of late performing at venues like Rock the Bells and just recently released her latest mixtape, “Good Nights and Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover,” which saw her pair up with Tech N9ne for a vicious rhyme spree called “You’re Welcome.” Obviously one that could take advantage of her good looks, Snow tha Product refuses to branded as just another pretty female rapper and has chosen to let her furious flow be at the forefront. sat down with Snow before she embarked on her next tour to talk about her career, “Cookie Cutter B*tches” and more. No poisoned apples here. Your timing and rhyme flow is precise. How did you develop it?

Snow tha Product: I’m a real competitive person and when I started rapping, I really wanted to make sure that I was going to be the best at what I do. I set out to do that now I try to out-do myself. As you gain fans, you obviously want to try to keep impressing them. When fans tell you something is dope, you are never satisfied with hearing that something is only good. Whenever I talk to young artists, I always try to encourage them to be as energetic in the recording booth as possible.

Snow tha Product: Biggie had a more laid back swaggy flow but Pac was more aggressive and to the point – I get that from being from the West Coast. I started with that up-tempo and aggressive flow. Slowing down is a little more difficult for me. I can rap slower but it’s not fun for me. You held your own with Tech N9ne on the “You’re Welcome” track off of your latest Mixtape. Not too many can do that.

Snow tha Product: Working with him again was definitely cool. I played the part at the end for him where I was talking all that stuff and he was cracking up. It’s a funny song but at the same time we both showed out on it. At Rock the Bells 2013 in San Bernardino, CA you stated on stage that if you wanted to sell sex, then you would be a prostitute.

Snow tha Product: When I started rapping, I didn’t have anybody co-signing me. It was just me by myself. When I would go in to the studio, people were always trying to tell me that my style wasn’t going to work if I didn’t sexy it up. I heard that so much. People ask me now if my management or label is pressuring me to do that and I let them know that all of the pressure came before them when I first started. Now, there are people that are professionals and respect what I do. It’s an asset to be able to be different. Back then, there were so many small-minded people telling me to get naked to sell records. There are pimps out here in California. If that’s what I wanted to do, I would be doing that making more money than by rapping (laughs). That’s not my thing though. To each their own but I want to be known for my rap skills. I’m about integrity and I was raised by a traditional Mexican father – so that’s out of the question. Pops isn’t having any of that (laughs).

Snow tha Product: That’s not even an option. Plus all of my Uncles would trip too. Going the sexy route would be much easier though.

Snow tha Product: It would be and I’m not trying to be so against sexiness or crucify anybody who does that. I just don’t want to come in to the game as that and I don’t ever see myself doing something super sexualized. At the same time I am a grown woman and if I eventually want to grow up and wear heels and dresses, that’ll be cool but I don’t want that to be the main thing. Listen to what I have to say and then we can get in to everything else. You’re taking some heads off on your “Cookie Cutter B*tches” song.

Snow tha Product: I am. I feel like a lot of people think there is this mold that female rappers need to follow – how they look and dress. Here I am and it’s like, “How naked do I have to be before people pay attention?” Also, if one label does something with a female, then all of them have to follow that example. Be yourself! Like I said on “You’re Welcome,” I was so busy talking about “Cookie Cutter B*tches” that I didn’t realize that labels made me a mold and started cookie cutting b*tches. Now I see some of me out there in other girls and I’m like, “just do you and don’t let people tell you how to be.” People tried to slow me down with all of their thoughts and ideas and I decided that I was just going to do what I wanted to do. Did you get any reactions from other female rappers about “Cookie Cutter B*tches?”

Snow tha Product: I didn’t bother to check. I’m sure some girls said some sh*t. They might know it’s for them and they might now. I’m not in to that back and forth beef sh*t. So you’re never going to make any diss songs to anybody?

Snow tha Product: I don’t think so because I want the results. I want the fans and the ticket sales. I’m not going to be out there beefing with someone, plus they don’t want it (laughs).

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