Sophie Schultz On “I Don’t Camouflage” With Hip-Hop Fashion Icon April Walker

Sophie Schultz never fit in and is now a stand out.

I Don’t Camouflage Presents… Sophie Schultz

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Sophie Schultz is a 17-year old makeup artist and entrepreneur currently living in Brooklyn, NY with her aunt and fashion icon, April Walker. After being bullied for not blending in, she moved to NYC at age 15 to pursue her dream and explore her identity.

I Don’t Camouflage is a community and documentary series featuring the patterns and migrations of creatives who dare to stand out.

Directed, Filmed, Produced and Edited by: Aiko Tanaka of I Don’t Camouflage
Special Thanks To: Sophie Schultz and April Walker #IDontCamouflage​