SpiderLoc: A Spider’s Patience

With all of the drama between Game and 50 calming down, the Rap world can move onto bigger and better things. One of those things, is the ascension of a former Crip turned ice cold MC by the name of Spider Loc. The one time Suge Knight prodigy has come what some might call, “full […]

With all of the drama between Game and 50 calming down, the Rap world can move onto bigger and better things. One of those things, is the ascension of a former Crip turned ice cold MC by the name of Spider Loc. The one time Suge Knight prodigy has come what some might call, “full circle.” He’s locked and loaded to represent the G-Unit later this year. Of all of the rappers I’ve had the pleasure to interview in recent times, he sounds like one of the hungriest on the scene.

One of the characteristics of a spider is that it can sit patiently on it’s web for hours. It waits perfectly motionless until it knows the time to strike. Spider Loc knows that now is the time. I caught up with him while he was recording his new LP, The West Kept Secret due out late this year or early 2006. In this interview we talk about how he got into crippin’, how he got out, what we can expect from his new LP and if 50 and Game really squashed that beef!!

AllHipHop.com: You seem to have gotten into gangbangin’ at an early age. But what is the process of a cat going from just being affiliated with dudes, ‘cause maybe you live in the same ‘hood, to getting’ down to real Crippin’?

Spider Loc: I can’t describe to you, the origin of my desire to gangbang. But I can reflect upon the fact that I had a brother who was four years older than me. He actually took those steps [of becoming a gangbanger] before me. Although he might have had taken those steps, I’m pretty positive I would have ended up f***ing around [and getting into a gang]. My name is Spider, but I’m behind him. He’s Big Spider. A lot of my activity, was because of my brother. It made it a little bit more accessible to me.

I can’t really speak on what makes the next n***a turn the set. A lot of people live right in the ‘hood. Some people are semi-involved. Whatever gets you to the point where you are around these people and you around this set – it gets to a point where you’re not just hangin’ anymore. Either n***as is gonna hit you up ‘cause you hangin’ around too much and put you on. You gonna ask to be put on. Or, you gonna act in a manner where people don’t wanna put you on, and you’ll just be from the set. Once I started running around with the set, I just assumed my position. I happen to be a leader. So I went from being a young homey- to a G homey. Basically, any circle I’m involved in, I set the tone for that circle. Everywhere I go, it’s like that.

AllHipHop.com: How old are you?

Spider Loc: I’m 26.

AllHipHop.com: One of the things I like about you is that you openly downplay the gangster life. Since you don’t bang anymore- how do you get out?

Spider Loc: A lot of the gang traditions that used to be in place, are totally down.

AllHipHop.com: Back in the day you got jumped in, and you got jumped out.

Spider Loc: That used to be the way n***as used to push their line. But nowadays, it’s like the game on a lot of levels has gotten weak- soft. On the Eastside, I’m tellin’ you- there are certain ways to bow out. Like if you a n***a that got a job, you start carrying yourself positive. You don’t f**k around at all…You might slide though and holla- maybe not. But n***as respect that type of s**t.

But if you not doing anything else positive, you don’t f**k with the homies no more- you scared to gangbang. But you still sag, but you still wanna come in and out the hood- but you don’t wanna f**k with the homies. When I was actively in the circle, that type a n***a got dealt with.

But if you been in for some time, and you experienced some prison. N***as know that you ’bout it. But you came to the realization “This is some bulls**t” or “I’m getting’ too old for this.” N***as respect those kinda n***as.

AllHipHop.com: Tell me what you feel you bring to G-Unit. It’s already such a powerful crew.

Spider Loc: There’s more than one thing. But the main piece of the puzzle…Them being perceived as being the G’est group in Rap…If you look at each individual and looked into their background…When you get away from their image as rappers, and look at them…They are about the G’est s**t that ever happened yet.

We all know that Hip Hop originated on the East coast. The G s**t – this mentality originated on the West Coast. As well as my n***as represent that mentality and all that. It’s only right that a West Coast n***a pay homage to the East Coast. It’s only right that the East Coast G mentality pay respect to the West… I feel like the whole picture is not actually complete until you get a full representation of that [regionally speaking].

I learned a long time ago that the top of the Rap game, is saved for the best poetry talent combined with the best street credible person. Once I learned that, I realized the top of the game had been waiting for me.

50 Cent is a wise man for noticing that nobody can represent him in the West on the G level, on that lyrical level, on a gentleman level and intelligent level…I’m just as intelligent as I am ignorant. Nobody can represent that as well as myself.

AllHipHop.com: You do come off quite intelligent. Let me ask you- are you a reader?

Spider Loc: No, I’ve never been a reader. I learn more by listening and observing. I can learn a word by listening to the context it’s used in. If I hear a word more than once and it’s used in the same context- I got the definition. I’m a real absorbent person. Reading is kinda boring for me. I read quite well, I’m literate. But it moves too slow. So I live it and soak it up.

AllHipHop.com: Who or what is the greatest love of your life?

Spider Loc: My daughters.

AllHipHop.com: What so far has been your lowest depth of misery?

Spider Loc: Being in prison and finding out the woman I loved was cheating on me. You wake up in the middle of the night, and you don’t know it’s true. But your gut tells you its true before you really found out. You can’t get out that cell- the cell is 6 by 9. That’s one of the sickest feelings. Not just because she did it…But you can’t go f**k nobody else to try and console yourself.

AllHipHop.com: What has been your greatest joy so far?

Spider Loc: I’ve never had a happy feeling like the feeling of being paroled from prison. That’s an excitement that’s hard to compare. The only thing I can compare it to is the birth of my daughters. That, and the anticipation of this career. Those three run about neck and neck.

AllHipHop.com: What did you go to prison for?

Spider Loc: Initially I went in for robbery. I paroled and I was out about six months. I returned for ex-con with a firearm. I did thirty-two months, that’s eighty percent. I haven’t returned to prison [since then]. County jail a couple times on miscellaneous s**t. But I have not done any time.

AllHipHop.com: How did you meet 50?

Spider Loc: I met him at the “Short Wanna Ride” video shoot. It was September, 2004. I walked into a trailer, and I did not know he was inside the trailer. He was in there discussing some serious issues with Young Buck, but there were quite a few other guys in the trailer. I walked into the trailer and kinda invited myself into the conversation.

It was a pretty heavy conversation. But he respected my opinions without even knowing who I was. It turned into a three way conversation [50, Young Buck and Spider Loc]. In the midst of that conversation I took the opportunity to start rapping accapella. He asked me where I was from. I told him. Next thing he said was “Why put off for tomorrow what you could do today?”. He walked over to the cameras at the video shoot and said he had a new West Coast artist named Spider. He said he had to go overseas in two days for about a month and some change. But he said when he got back he’d make it right. While he was overseas we talked quite a bit on the phone. As soon as he got back he started making it right. It’s been right ever since and it’s been getting more and more right.

AllHipHop.com: I don’t wanna talk about the Game and 50 situation too much because it’s kinda been beat over the head. But I gotta ask one question. A lot of people feel like one of two things happened…Either the beef was phony, or the peace was phony. Tell me your thoughts on that.

Spider Loc: I’m just glad that it cleared the air and we are moving onto other s**t. I think it was real unnecessary activity. I’m glad it’s under the rug and I hope it does not stick its ugly head back up. I just want everybody to eat and get money, man.

AllHipHop.com: Do you converse with Game at all?

Spider Loc: I do from time to time. I holla at him now and then when I bump into him. The other day he was doin’ a cameo in a Snoop video. There was a lot of Black Wall St. cats there. It was just me and a friend of mine. Me, him, Jimmy Henchmen and Big Face. We didn’t talk about the politics that’s going on. But we chopped it up real quick.

AllHipHop.com: That makes me feel good because I like to see real peace between real cats.

Spider Loc: I’m a ex-gang member. I have learned to make relationships with my former enemies. N***as from Swan, Mainstreet, Avalon, Crenshaw Mafia and Bounty Hunter Watts. Even with Suge Knight – him being a Compton Piru. I was able to deal with him and get along with him for quite some period of time. And the Boo Yaa Tribe. If I can get that type of long lasting enemy situation can somehow be muffled and maintained…There’s no way any real n***a, that went through that, is gonna let some rap s**t get outta control.

AllHipHop.com: Any last words for the young G’s out there?

Spider Loc: Be more smart than hard.

Adisa Banjoko is author of the new book “Lyrical Swords Vol. 1: Hip Hop and Politics in the Mix”. Visit www.lyricalswords.com for more info.