SPOTLIGHT: Master P & Money Mafia

AllHipHop SPOTLIGHT: Master P Introduces His New Group Money Mafia!

Master P has a new crew called, Money Mafia. On January 5th, 2015, No Limit Forever released Money Mafia new project We All We Got via got some exclusive time with Master P and his crew of new rising stars in the Hip-Hop game.

Master P has engineered a crew with some familiar faces and some new spittas. We all know Eastwood from the West Coast has always been doing his thing but now, Money Mafia has a roster of new membersthat ride under the Tank flag these days. Ace B, Young Junne and stellar production from BlaqNMild, who produced the mixtape from begining to end and did it right. Other members include Gangsta, Playbeezy, Callipoe Popeye, Flight Boy and the President of No Limit Forever, Maserati Rome.

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We take an exclusive look at the crew, find out a bit about Money Mafia members  and get a prediction from Master P at how 2015 is going to look like for his new group.