Streets of SXSW: LeCrae Brings His Feel-Good Rap to Austin


Making it big as a rapper is hard enough. Mix a little God, Jesus, and inspiration into your music, and it just may be nearly impossible.

Still, when you rock with the “King,” they say “all things are possible,” and that’s just the spirit behind Reach Records artist LeCrae. first met the talented Atlanta MC after his much-talked-about performance in the 2011 BET Cypher. Since that time, we’ve heard a lot more of his music and witnessed the industry co-signs he’s receiving from the likes of legend Bun B and others.

LeCrae was in Austin a few days ago for the South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival, where he served as proof that Hip-Hop has made its mark on the annual event like never before. On a year when rap showcases exploded beyond venue capacities, there was room for inspirational lyricism, too. And it’s clear that these days, in that lane, LeCrae is the man.

We caught up with LeCrae on the street at SXSW – he was happy to see us and even happier to know that his music and stories have been doing well recently among the mainstream audience. Watch the video below as he talks about his 2012 SXSW experience and where his faith-filled career will go from here:

So, will LeCrae and his blessed brotherhood from Reach Records make their mark on the industry? Only God knows.

In the meantime, check out a video for his recent “Live & Let Live” single produced by DJ Statik Selektah: