Styles P Questions Black Lives Matter, Democrats And Imagines A Lox/Dip Set Battle

Styles P stumps for Trump, talks Dems vs Republicans and asks Black Lives Matter “Where does the money go?”

Styles P is a greatly evolved man. The Yonkers, NY native persists as one of the most consistently dope rappers with five projects in 2 years. Today, he’s healthier than ever, an accomplished businessman, and also extremely outspoken. David Styles talks to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump vs Hillary and even entertains a proposed battle between The Lox & Dip Set! 

AllHipHop: I’m here with one of the hardest. Are you still the hardest, Styles? I know we’ve grown up a little bit.

Styles P: I’m trying to go to the smartest, Chuck. Working on it, I’m working on it. I’m one of the hardest workers though.

AllHipHop: Like I was saying in the pre-show you work with a guy that I know, DJ Boy Wonda who just gave you a beat at our last interview, so I know its real.

Styles P: I’m thankful for Boy Wonda for giving me that fire. You know me, Chuck, I’m an easy guy to work with. I like young energetic dudes inspiring to get somewhere in the business. If I lend a helping hand, I will if I can’t, I don’t but I still try to be an inspiration any way I can. Boy Wonda – He got fire. I’m looking forward to working with him a lot in the future. And I’m just looking for some new heat, some new fire.

AllHipHop: How has 2020 been for you? It’s been a crazy year. I’ve been trying to be positive, but it’s hard to maintain that sense of positivity. It feels like we’ve been under assault in every way imaginable.

Styles P: We very much are under assault in any way you can imagine. And I guess that will be my driving force for staying positive. I’m married, I have a beautiful wife, Juices for Life, Pharmacy for Life. I guess what keeps us positive is just knowing we got a long fight ahead of us. And we got to keep the energy up for the fight, to be honest with you. There’s a lot of things that could derail you distract you, depress you, upset you stress you out, make you angry. So the best thing to do is just try to stay on your one, two, take in all the information that you can, see what works for you and see what doesn’t. Stay around positive vibes. Stay around good people that’s gonna check you when you off.

AllHipHop: You mentioned having an alkaline body. Talk about your health, your health regiment.

Styles P: I eat veggies, I eat fruits, I drink water. I do cardio. I try to work out and try to read play wordscapes, word stacks, keep my mind working, and I try to laugh. That’s pretty much my regiment and spreading the word. Pharmacy for Life, Juices for Life. I’m living off the brands. I’m taking this serious, I ain’t just talking it, we are out here living it. Black seed oil of oregano, things I don’t sell, like super lysine, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, sunlight, laughter, meditation. If you have a high power, pray, I’m just trying to remind everybody to stay focused.

AllHipHop: Jadakiss and Fab battled. Do you have a person that you would want to battle with?

Styles P: Who you think fits for me?

AllHipHop: You and Jim Jones to me, far as New York is concerned, are the two dudes that are killing it. And I’m talking marathon-style right now. I think you and Jim would be a good one. But bigger play, last time I interviewed Jim, he said Dipset and The Lox would be a joint that we should do.

Styles P: My money is on us, versus anybody.

AllHipHop: I’m neutral, like Switzerland. I just wanted to ask you. You did an interview the other day and it went viral. You said something around the lines of you would prefer Trump over Hillary. Were you aware that it went viral?

Styles P: No, not at all.

AllHipHop: It’s all over the internet. It’s being shared, which is crazy because that’s the only way I heard about it.

Styles P: I didn’t know about it but I would, and I do.

AllHipHop: What makes you say that?

Styles P: I can see Trump’s racism. He’s blatant with it. I think I can see where he’s coming from. I felt like the Reds (Republicans), they let you know, they on they conservative s### like, they with the rich white people way. And I think Hillary and the Blues (Democrats) tend to use Black people. They sit there and we don’t really look at the history of what they got. Bill Clinton’s locked up more people than slavery. I remember Hillary Clinton calling us “super predators.” So chilling in Harlem, eating chicken and playing the sax and all that, that’s all cool. But I still look at the numbers. I still think about the people who’s not home from three strikes. And that’s the Democratic Party, that’s not the Republican Party. And I think we often forget.

Altogether, I’m not for either party, that’s where I stand. I think we need a whole new system. The Reds, they at least want to hold on to they old traditional b####### style, where they’re at the top. I think what the Blues are doing now is really kind of controlling the whole country, trying to put us in a place where we don’t really see what’s happening. I don’t understand how Black Lives Matter becomes a Democratic thing. Or the money goes to ActBlue.

So all of that is very weird to me. And it makes me distrust them. I like the enemy where I know where he stands, where he’s coming from. I appreciate that a lot more than than the person who’s gonna smile in my face, and then throw me under the bus. That’s just my personal stance on it. I think we as Black people, neither party is for us. That’s how I honestly feel. It’s like, you Black – I used to think the same way – you got to automatically go Democrat. I used to feel like that.

When you watch Fox or you watch Republicans talk, you feel and hear the racism. But I would rather feel and hear it and be able to see it than not. [As opposed to] someone sitting there fooling me and I think it’s so good and it’s not really all good. And I think that’s what the Democratic Party is doing to our people, as well as the Republican Party. As Black people, we should find a way to have our own strength and be able to exercise that strength for our own party that’s going to benefit us. Neither one of these parties are really benefiting us. At the end of the day we run out gung ho for the for the Blue and what are they really doing for us? What could you say they have done with us?

AllHipHop: It’s left-wing, right-wing, same bird. I just felt like the emboldening of these other races has been crazy under Trump, in a way that I haven’t seen. I’m from Delaware originally. I mean, I’ve seen every slice of racism you can imagine. Even in the 80s, It wasn’t like this man. And now it seems like they bold with it. Too bold.

Styles P: I don’t disagree with you on that. But for my personal opinion, I’d rather see it than not see it. The enemy you can’t see and don’t know where he’s coming from? It’s a lot worse. Trump, we know about what he said about Central Park Five. We know what he said about us as brown people. We know what he said about Mexicans. But has he locked up more people in Hillary?

AllHipHop: We know about Hillary. We know about Bill Clinton, we know about George Bush, so that’s a valid point.

Styles P: I think, for me personally, Chuck, how I view things is, I think both parties use racism as a pawn. They are playing the chess game, and we’re actually the pawns , and racism is part of the pawns. How focused was we all on Gates and Fauci and what they were doing? You couldn’t go outside, and then the virus is over, it’s a killing (George Floyd). It’s a virus that’s deadly, but the government is letting people go outside and protest? It doesn’t really make sense.

We was paying too much attention to Fauci and Gates. And now since people are paying attention, they are ripping doctors off YouTube, all of that’s happening. What’s the best strategy to do? We already knew Trump was racist. I’m not disagreeing with you, I totally agree with you. But now they throw a card back on the table and you already seen the card. You already know the card. Now you see the card. Now you focus on that card again. What is happening while we’re focusing on that? Who’s in control of the news? Who is in control of the narrative? You hear about the virus spreading and it keeps multiplying. But you don’t hear any doctor say “hey yo just boost your immune system, take some vitamin C glissade, stretch, go sweat,” go do these things that will actually help you with the virus. Maybe try to incorporate the Alkaline Body (diet). Take wheatgrass. Take oil of oregano.

The head who’s going to build the vaccine is a tech guy not a doctor. He didn’t graduate from medical school. He got the same medical credentials me and you have. Everything else is news reporters, politicians, and a tech guy. How much information are we getting about the virus from doctors? It should be doctors that we are hearing about the virus from. And not people that are invested or are going to make money from the vaccine. I’m not saying I’m not anti-vacc. I’m anti-forced vaccine.

Don’t force vaccines amongst the world. I don’t see how that’s gonna really be effective. And I don’t see why it has to start with poor people and Black countries. Start somewhere with rich white people.

Bill and Melinda should start it if they believe in that. They should be the first ones to take it. Then get Fauci to take it. You hear about the mask. When’s the last time you seen Gates in a mask? When’s the last time you seen Trump in a mask? You see Fauci in a mask here and there. I’m not saying don’t wear a mask, but these are things that we are not even really asking about or wondering about or saying, “Yo, this is happening.”

I felt like Trump wasn’t supposed to be there, in office, he happened to be in office. I felt like this plan was already set in play. Obaman did the alley-oop and Hillary was supposed to come catch it.

But Trump was is in and I think if she would have caught that alley-oop, we would all be f##### right now. It would have been forced vaccinations everywhere. That’s why I feel we better off with him [Trump] as the president.

AllHipHop: The other thing that you have mentioned, you questioned Black Lives Matter. There’s two different things, Black Lives Matter is a movement and then there’s Black Lives Matter as an organization. You mostly were talking about the organization of Black Lives Matter.

Styles P: Even with the movement. Whoever is the head of the Black Lives Matter movement should hold the organization responsible for making sure that money is distributed right and in the right places. It can be a movement, separate from the organization. That’s not even sensible to be honest with you. These are the things that we allow to happen. Whoever’s head of the organization should feel a responsibility. That should be they number one responsibility is to be in touch with the people in the movement and understand what’s going on. And then where’s the money?

I’m in West Chester New York. We with the deal with the mayor. We deal with City Hall, we deal with the politicians and we deal with the streets. No one hit my phone saying “Yo, we got some money that we want to give. How can we work it out in Westchester? Where does the money need to be spent in Westchester, New York?” There’s no phone calls for that, bro. So I’m not I’m not knocking it. I’m asking questions. I don’t think those are bad questions.

Who’s the treasurer? Who’s the head of the organization? Who do they contact? Where does the money go? What’s the plans for the money they have? These are legitimate questions and it shouldn’t be strange that I’m asking. We’re all black, we should kind of have that question of what’s going on? Who do we hold accountable?