SYIGU Terminus 3 Card Creates Classic Clash Between Killadelph’s Shiest Raw and the Queen of Queens, C3

Terminus 3 created a classic clash of the rap battle titans.

SYIGU said to their fans that while “the world may be on hold … battle rap is not.

And with that notion, and in collaboration with Step Your Ink Game Up Battle League, Number One Contender, Torture Chamber, and Push Ya Pen Battle League, they presented the Terminus 3 online card.

The co-ed competition featured Qleen Paper vs. Readie Roc, Prez Mafia vs. Vizz Da Outlaw, A1 vs. King Sess, ESZ vs. Cash Sinatra, Nate Will and Kaz. The headling act was C3 and Shiest Raw.

There is a level of cacophony that constitutes the canniness of C3’s lyrical ability. She can be callous in her verbal dexterity. She demonstrates a high caliber of captious carnality when she goes after her opponent. Categorically, she is caustic when she castigates whoever the contender is, and on this card, Shiest Raw had the displeasure of getting a calculated Ceillise Craig with four minutes of fire.

C3 was on in this quarantine battle, filmed in her kitchen. But she might as well been in COVID-infested wet market with how nasty she was getting. 

And while C3 carried the battle with her star power and creativity … Shiest Raw aimed to make the most of this look — hoping to get on the radar of battle rap enthusiasts on the international level of fandom that C3 attracts.

Hypersexual and big-b####-ed, Raw was just that.

She was uncut and seeking to solidify a secure spot in the lexicon of female battle rap. The question of the night was could she outbar C3? Well … how about this she went in there trying to, fighting like an alley cat for her respect. 

She was cut raw like some white and folk with eyes could see her rawness in how she played with those words. She constructed really clever punches like Dice Raw, a Philly legend. And lastly … you know Big Daddy Kane’s#### song, “R.A.W.” from back in the day? Remember how it punched you in the face when you would hear it at a jam on really dope speakers? Like at the very beginning of the Bobby Byrd’s “Hot Pants” sampled track, how it made your blood boil? She has that type of intensity. 

She spat some fire s##t … but her timing in certain parts gave glimpses of her lack of seasoning.

Despite that, she had some cool tricks involving tag teams that would have played out better … well the first one … the second one with the little girl might have been too much since the content was so mature and in some people’s minds inappropriate for the space. But her name was “Raw” what did you expect? Someone with the aggression and ambition worth of the legacy of the moniker.

This display of excellence reminds the battle rap community that chicks spit just as hard as dudes … and beautifully doing it in a way that is purely feminine and competitive. While C3 won the battle, the pair together dismantled the cloud around women rappers that submits a fog that they don’t write their raps and if they do the raps are inferior to their male counterparts. #Mythbusters

Can’t wait to see what else these producers have to offer in the future.