T.I. Explains The Origins Of Trap Music And How He Made It An Art Form

T.I. Talks Trap Music

T.I. talks Trap Music and his key role in turning it into a musical genre.

T.I. is commemorating the musical embodiment of Trap Music. As a trailblazer in his own league, T.I. originated a term that evolved into a music genre embraced by the realm of Hip-Hop, particularly within his hometown of Atlanta. His second studio album, “Trap Muzik,” which dropped on August 19, 2003, marked a collaborative effort between Atlantic Records and his newly established Grand Hustle record label. During this conversation at WonWorld Studios, hosted by Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and DJ Thoro, T.I. delves into the genesis of his contribution to the musical landscape, his discovery of camaraderie within the trap community, the role of Jeezy in defining the genre, and the commonality of all trap stars as “war on drugs” survivors. T.I. provides ample insights and context into this artistic phenomenon that is undoubtedly captivating.

T.I. also offered his Mt. Rushmore of Trap Music:

Trap Music originated in the Southern United States, particularly in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, during the early 2000s. The genre takes its name from “trap,” which refers to the environment in which illicit activities like drug dealing take (or took) place.

Trap Music is typically characterized by its use of heavy, aggressive beats, prominent hi-hats, and deep basslines. The genre often features elements of traditional Hip-Hop that often leans into use of electronic synthesizers. The beats in Trap Music are usually slower in tempo compared to traditional electronic rap music.

Lyrically, Trap Music often reflects the realities of hood life, including partying, hustling, and personal struggles. Sometimes they lyrics appear to glamorize the gritty lifestyle, but, more often than not, the artists provide insight into the challenges of these settings.

Trap Music continued to soar in popularity well into the 2010s and influenced various music genres, fashion, and even pop culture. While its roots are in the Southern United States, Trap Music has become a global phenomenon with artists and producers from all around the world creating their own interpretations of the genre. Salute.

Now, enjoy the music that kicked off a genre.