TBT: That Time Kobe Dropped A Rap Song With Tyra Banks On The Hook


With Kobe Bryant hanging up the sneaks for his career last night (April 13) we couldn’t help but notice Kobe Bryant’s undeniable connection to the Hip-Hop world. With artists like Kanye, Jay-Z and more in the building to support the Black Mamba’s last game, it got us thinking about that one time that Kobe dropped a song and rapped on a Ruff Ryders-like beat with Tyra Banks on the hook.

As you can see, this was back when Kobe had the ‘fro so the artwork is classic, almost looks like he could be an R&B singer. In the song he gives a shout out to Adidas his former sponsor and talks about trying to find a real love not after his money. While none of this matters now because we all know Kobe is happily married to Vanessa, it is crazy to hear Tyra singing the sexual hook.

“K-O-B-E, I L-O-V-E you
I believe you are very fine
If you give me one chance, I promise to love you
And be with you forever more”

Regardless, we gotta say that the last verse is the best one, check it out below:

Think ya eyein’ me, all along, I’m eyein’ you
The hunter becomes the hunted, girl, I’m preying on you
Beautiful, the feelings we share are mutual
Passion that’s telling me so for us is suitable
Un-controllable desire flows through me
When you say my name, such lust in your slang
No time for games, the games I play, all the same
Can’t get witcha, let the door hitcha, where the Lord splitcha
I figure, hour-glass figures could be dangerous
Cuz if your time runs out, they frame you for your clout
And having a past, well, I stereotype glass
All dimes ain’t money, ass, and feignin’ for a brother’s cash
Slash fame, slash power, slash respect
All the above, makes me a supreme threat to scrubs
Love but do you want? One more ‘gain, let me know
The words flow, from the bottom of your soul


Check it out below: