Th3 Saga and B-Dot Might Be The Best Battle Of The Year

Th3 Saga and B-Dot engaged in a battle of biblical proportions!

Christian rapper Th3 Saga and Black consciousness/ Kemetic rapper B-Dot have had energy toward each other for some years now, and it has finally come to pass in the URL Sterilized 2 series.

Was this a battle of philosophical jousting from two lyrical miracles?


There were bars, but some real talk that will make you fall in love with battle rap … all over again.

Father Abraham Had Many Sons …

If you are a bible reader, you know that in the Book of Genesis, Abraham bin Terah is considered the father of about four of the largest religions in the world.

According to JSTOR, one of the world’s leading academic databases, there are about 2.3 billion Christians in the world (making up 29% if the world), 1.9 billion Muslims (making up 24% of the world), 14 million Jews and 7 million Bahá’í, all of which consider themselves speckles in the numerous sand analogy that is mentioned in Genesis 22:17.

But if you read the scripture, you will see that Abraham also wedded an Egyptian woman. We know if the English translation they call her the slave girl, concubine but in the Hebrew according to one of the premier Black Hebrew bible scholars in the country, Wilda C. Gafney, the word used to describe her relationship in this home is “l’issah,” translated to mean co-wife.

Hagar, the Egyptian girl that is seen to be the Mother of Islam, the first to extend the life of Abraham through generations and the first to call the God of Abraham by name El Roi, probably was Kemetic.

And this is where the battle between B-Dot and Th3 Saga begins.

Thousands of years from antiquity, the two children of divine knowledge meet on a rooftop to go head to head in the URLtv’s Sterilized series for what many believe is a contender for the battle of the year.

Indeed it is a debatable contest since both emcees came to the table with a proverbial cross/ ankh to bear.

The two are probably the hardest working under-rated rappers that Top Tier rappers do well dissing and dodging: fans are not slow and know why they have not got the name recognition that they want and deserve.

After watching the battle several times on the URLtv App, here are five reasons why you have to watch it for yourself:

1. The rooftop battle allows the two stellar emcees about 18 – 21 minutes of uninterrupted sport. If you ever watched the Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka tennis match, you were blessed to watch the two highly skilled competitors bounce from angle to angle, side to side with fierce respect but wanting to snatch the other person’s head off in the war. That’s what it was like watching B-Dot and Saga.

2. Th3 Saga is a gifted writer. He uses words like paint, creating vivid masterpieces with each verse. Surprisingly … he is a church boy and so he really ain’t supposed to be as dope a puncher as he is. Line-after-line, he comes to the table with a lyrical prowess that makes him one of the more elite pens in the space. Fans can hear the thoughtfulness in how he constructs blows that will most certainly strike his opponent with formidable power. It’s like the Holy Ghost is in his gloves … and this battle is like Holyfield beating Tyson (both times).

3. B-Dot is also a gifted writer, but he uses his words more or less like a loom. He too creates art, but he weaves the portraits to create a knit of analogical magnificence. He takes you on an entire journey. Perhaps he is not a weaver, but a quilter taking patches that seem not to go together like his Black power grandiloquence with the grit of his gang lifestyle, to create the genius in his raps.

4. Avocado’s shooting of the video is masterful.

5. Their battle is better than any PLUG IN YOUR RANDOM MT. RUSHMORE RAPPER battle from over the last two years.

It will be awesome to see how energized their careers will be after this. They can pray to either gods of Hagar, that it takes them to the highest level of esteem that they deserve to be.

People say it is a debatable — but the edge goes to the Horseman.

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