The Bodega Brovas On Euro-Touring, Brawling Thai Hookers, and SXSW Over-Saturation


The Bodega Brovas, a.k.a. Headkrack, Travii, and Keynote, show why they are often tagged as “The Beastie Boys for a new millennium” during their recent, zany discussion with We checked in with them about their new video, the tour they just wrapped up, and their SXSW escapades!: Alright you guys, the last time we spoke with you, you were about to embark on a European Tour. Did you bring back any stories that you care to share with our readers?

HeadKrack: Yo, straight out the gate, Europe has some of the most love for Hip-Hop, hands down! Even spots that we thought weren’t gonna be popping were insane. All the Ireland dates were a smash, the UK dates were phenomenal. And Germany, though we loved it, needs to change their laws on indoor smoking. I think I have lung cancer now!

Travii: Sleep is overrated. Nandos is awesome, even for a vegetarian. Amsterdam, oh, Amsterdam. That is all.

Keynote: I had a blast the whole tour until the last two days in Germany when I came down with what felt like a bad case of death. Was mad sick, but still rocked Germany. All the UK and Ireland dates where amazing. It was dope getting to chop it up with them Souls of Mischief boys. And it’s always fun causing mass destruction with the Tanya Morgan Pose. We know you were at SXSW tearing down the stage! What was your favorite part of the festival this year?

Travii: The Redbull stages were incredible, so many dope shows,can’t even name…but I do think SXSW is way too corporate now…over-saturated. It’s no longer about the Indie artist; it’s about what brand can the biggest mainstream act. But with that being said, I will still be there every year.

Keynote: For me, it was rockin’ the show, kickin’ it with everyone at the Red Bull party, and getting in an all out total brawl with a gang of hot, young Thai hookers. I held my ground, damn whatever else you hear. Travii started it with them broads in the first place. Evidently, some cultures frown on jokes about necrophilia. Umm, not sure what to say about that! [laughter]

Headkrack: I agree with Travii. My thing with SXSW is a love and hate one. Yeah, we rocked the stages we were on, but the overall experience is just so corporate now. It’s less about discovering new bands, and more about who can throw the biggest party. In that respec,t I guess it very much mirrors the music industry. So, the new video dropped this week. Tell us about it. What was the concept of the video, and who produced it?

Travii: The video was produced by Headkrack himself…a.k.a. “Leanardo Dikrackio!” And it’s just about how the music game has changed so much, as far as getting your product to the listener, and how music is basically free now. Wow, Interesting idea!

Travii: Personally, I love downloading music, too, but there is so much trash out there. Now, everyone has the ability to set up studios in their bedrooms, which means gone are the days of having to pay for studio blocks, mix-downs, mastering, etc. In my opinion, having to do those things made you get your stuff together, because if you didn’t, you’d get into the studio, the engineer would push the button on the clock, and you would waste a four-hour block on just one track! [laughter] So, to me, go ahead and download it, but if you like it, then support, and go pay for it! Gotcha! What is the next song to drop from the new project?

Keynote: We might leak this party joint that is different than what you heard from us before. We also have a freebee for the fans coming soon. What can we expect to see in the upcoming weeks from The Bodega Brovas?

Headkrack: On deck next, we have a new freebie for the fans called Super Future Retro Let’s Go. It’s a musical collage of the music we grew up on with a brand new twist. Not just Hip-Hop but R&B and Rock as well.

We are also about to embark on our “American Graffiti Tour” with Tanya Morgan, Playdough of Deep Space 5, and Koncept of the Brown Bag Allstars. In addition to that we also have our debut LP, L.G.A. (Loaded Guns and Alcohol), in the mix and mastering phase. We about to drop more hot sh*t than a clumsy waiter. #Bodega

Be on the lookout for the new Bodega Brovas projects this summer!