The Decepticons: The Modern Gang Reprise

  “Decepticons Divebomb and Lord Vital Exclusive Q&A” One thing is for sure. The Decepticons history and legacy as the most infamous Gang of New York is shrouded in mystery and suspense. As one can imagine, there are a ton of perspectives on this over 20-year-old story, and hard facts about the social and criminal […]


“Decepticons Divebomb and Lord Vital

Exclusive Q&A”

One thing is for sure. The Decepticons history and legacy as the most infamous Gang of New York is shrouded in mystery and suspense. As one can imagine, there are a ton of perspectives on this over 20-year-old story, and hard facts about the social and criminal activities of the gang are hard to come by. After the story ran, the floodgates of even more stories were opened. managed to capture somel of the stories, memories, and notoriety surrounding the Deceptz, but certainly not all. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of Decepticons: Gangs of New York.

Believe it or not, there are still members

from the late 1980s and early 1990s claiming Decepticons, and that is

a tale within itself. To that end, presents Part

3 of the Decepticons series, to allow Deceptz Lord Vital and Divebomb

to share some thoughts on their existence and legacy as one of the most

vicious street crews in American history. 


Lord Vital Give me a brief background about your Decepticon affiliation. 

Lord Vital: HAIL MEG DFL. I am

Lord Vital Constructicon Leader, Head of the 3rd Generation and an active

member of the Decepticons. How long have you been involved with the Deceptz? 

Lord Vital: I became Decept in

1990, five years after my older brothers started it, so I can’t take credit.

[laughter] The name was already known before I came along. But one thing

I want the people to know is that Decepticons was a family that shared

a brotherly bond, but by the time the second generation started…we

were a gang. This was because there was a huge gap of information that

was missing between the two generations. Most of us didn’t know about

the history of our family – mainly because we were young and too focused

on ourselves and gettin’ our names known to want to learn. Our egos

are what plagued this thing of ours. What inspired you to get involved with Decept? 

Lord Vital: Since a freshman in

J.H.S 117, I was wylin’ out. I was known for fighting, so it was only

natural that I would end up with those similar to me. We had a little

clique that would go off on our own missions, doing whatever came to

mind, going up to various other junior high schools.  

Now at this time, my older sister was

dating a Decepticon. He was a Horrorcon (a legion I later became second

in command of). He heard about a brawl me and my dudes had with some

Face Heads on the G-train one day, and he came to me to recruit, or

as we say “bring me into the matrix.” This was funny because I agreed

to get tested (initiated), and that same day my boy Ghost got tested,



Next thing I know, 50 n*ggas came out of nowhere and surrounded me and

my twin. (I got down with a close friend). Now as I look around not

knowing what to expect, I see the same friends from school. I had no

idea they were already down, so this was another school day to me. I’d like to know a little more detail about Decept life back then.  What did they do? 


Lord Vital: Like my big brother Cyclonus would say, we were like the

Warriors. We rode the trains, terrorizing passengers, and fought with

rival gangs, the Lo-Lives, A-Team, and Raiders, just to name a few.

We robbed jewelry stores, clothing stores, everything Meg put his mind

to. They lived for 

each other, and one stole to feed the rest. That’s how the family


This was the Decepticons of the 80’s,

but by the 90’s, Decepts were running around like crazy… there is

a difference between the two. How was the gang structured? 


Vital: We were structured like any other organization that you can

think of, with all the head members of each chapter connected at the

top. Then you had the leaders of each legion who reported in and received

their orders or missions of the day. Then there were us Decepts, the

ones who didn’t ask no questions. We just lived for the rush and carried

out any necessary issues that needed to be dealt with. All we knew is

that it came from the top and that was it. How did your individual names come about? 

Lord Vital: All the originals

chose their names directly from the cartoon, but Rumble is responsible

for choosing the name Decepticons for the fam.

What light can you shed on your most memorable moments with the Decepticons? 

Lord Vital: Certain things are

not meant for others to know about.

Do you have any regrets? 

Lord Vital: I would say the attacks

on the innocent. They were never prepared for  what we did to them.

But for the ones who shared this lifestyle, f*ck’ em. They knew what

it was. So I don’t regret no bottle to they face, no hammer to they

head, or boot to they chin. What impact has Decept had on your life? 

Lord Vital: Me being Decept has

made me not underestimate anybody, and made me more alert at the same

time. I’ve watched the smallest man out da group bring down the biggest…lol.

But the most important thing that I’ve learned is that deception is

your best weapon when used correctly. What do you think about the Deceptz being back in the news? 

Lord Vital: I love it…because

I’m in the middle of it all. I made it cool to rock that symbol in all

fashions. At every show, on every album cover, on damn near everything

– “Decepticlothes” is what I called it.  

Then by releasing the  “PURPLE REIGN

MIXTAPE Vol. 1 – I.C.O.N.”, it has brought my family back together

and reunited cons that haven’t seen each other in 20 years. We recieved

a write up in The Source, featured in F.E.D.S., and have

a 6-page spread in MASS APPEAL magazine.  

This gave New York a breath of fresh

air and took us back to that era, even if only for a minute. And this

also helped bridged the gap between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

generations. For us to finally meet each other…to the point where

if you wanted to learn your history, I could bring you straight to its

founding members. It feels good to say I was a major part of that happening. What do you want the world to know about Decept? 

Lord Vital: I want the people

to know that as long as I live, Decept lives. You can see it in me,

hear it through my music. And you can call me Prince, ’cause I’m about

to change my name to the symbol.  

Decept is a part of me like my name.  

My life story is a fraction of my life experieces edited through the

minds of the reader. We are a part of New York’s history…we exist…

I’m still active with six legions under  me ready to move on call.

The family still grows – CONSTRUCT, LLC – build from the bottom


Also I want the world to know we had

structure and a chain of command that we still follow ’til this day,

and the lack of information is how we will continue to keep it. But

know all legions were connected in some way, no matter what borough

they were in.  

Decept Divebomb

Give me a brief background of yourself. 

Divebomb: My name is Divebomb

of the Predacons, under Decept. I am an Artist, Filmmaker, Educator,

and Entrepreneur. I reside on the planet Brooklyn via Cybertron.

How long have you been involved with the Decepticons? 

Divebomb: I’ve been a part of

Deceptz since the Fall of 1986. What inspired you to get involved with the Deceptz? 

Divebomb: I wasn’t inspired, I

was recruited. At the time, Decepts was not the popular group everyone

today knows it to be. If you were drafted, it’s because you brought

something to the table. You were expected to be part in bringing this

little Decept thing to the empire that is known for today. What are the most memorable events in your experience as a Decept? 

Divebomb: My most memorable events

are when I’ve witnessed how thousands of minds can move as one – one

movement, one agenda, one family. Any regrets about any of your experiences as a Decept? 

Divebomb: None.

How has being a Decept enhanced your life? 

Divebomb: Decepts has enhanced

the world. How is that, and what are your feelings on the attention Deceptz gets now? 

Divebomb: It is well deserved.

Decepts are original New York I.C.O.N.S. You can’t speak of anything

original from NY without mentioning Deceptz. Deceptz are pop culture. What’s one thing you want the world to know about the Decepticons? 

Divebomb: What I would like the

world to know about Decept, I will show them. What are you doing with the Deceptz now? 

Divebomb: I’m wrapping up the

making of the Deceptz documentary, as told by those who lived it –

not those who witnessed from a distance or through close relation. The

film, produced by me, is coming soon to premiere film festivals. People

can visit to learn about our mixtape albums. The documentary

soundtrack will include songs from the Original Deceptz’ such as “Purple

Reign” and Lord Vital’s “It Can Go Down Anywhere.” 

We have many individuals involved in

their own private endeavors, from music, producing, brand apparel, construction,

engineering, medicine, design, automotive, film/video, and marketing/productions,

just to name a few areas. What do you see as the Decept legacy?  


The range of talented people within the Decepticons is phenomenal. The

sky’s no limit. 

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