The Evolution Of Roscoe Dash

Roscoe Dash is one of several upcoming rappers in Atlanta that have had the club scene on smash over the past year. Now artists like the three-man trio Travis Porter, Waka Flocka Flames, Alley Boy and Roscoe Dash are leading a new generation of Atlanta rappers with a brand new sound. Roscoe Dash began simply […]

Roscoe Dash is one of several upcoming rappers in Atlanta that have had the club scene on smash over the past year. Now artists like the three-man trio Travis Porter, Waka Flocka Flames, Alley Boy and Roscoe Dash are leading a new generation of Atlanta rappers with a brand new sound. Roscoe Dash began simply as “Jay Johnson,” battling other rappers as a student in middle school. He dropped his first mixtape in 2007, collaborated with other rising artists and gave away copies of his mixtapes to get his fan base up. Read up on Roscoe Dash, his issues with Travis Porter and the story behind his massive hit record “All The Way Turnt Up,” which now features Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Whats good man?

Roscoe Dash: Out here in Atlanta, we just got back from New York, doing the Rip the Runway with BET. It was crazy, it was a very different experience, I’ve never done anything like that befor so it was a big moment for me. Yea man you are having a lot of success right now. A big time for your music right now man

Roscoe Dash: Yea man I just am trying to do something different right now. Have you heard the “Show Out” record yet? Yea that one is doing real well in Atlanta right now, that’s #2 on the radio now and we are going to shoot a video for that at the end of the month.. The “All the Way Turnt Up!” is #8 on the countdown right now.

We are working on a few mixtapes right now. The first one is called “Can’t The Lambo” that will be out the 15th of March. Then we have another one coming out with Wacka coming out later on this month, maybe at the beginning of next month. You said the mixtape is called “Cant Catch the Lambo”? You already pushing a Lambo now?

Roscoe Dash: Yea, you know Polo is looking out so and I’m gonna be soft up for the summer Talk about MMI and explain what you got on deck for the fans in the next year. Who are some of the artists that you have lined up? I know you already have plans for them.

Roscoe Dash: Me and MMI just launched a new website called You know its just a way for the fans to keep up with everyone in the MMI family. That’s me, KE, LA the Boomman, Nico, Calio, the list goes on, but we really just want to make it something more and bigger than just an indie label. You know what I’m saying?”

We linked up with DJ Cut Throat, who runs the “I Love My Plug” movement. That’s who’s doing the “Can’t Catch the Lambo”, and we are going to do a collaboration mixtape with Waka Flocka and I believe DJ Holiday. So that will be out next month. We really are just trying to flood the streets with music before the album comes out. We got a could of viral videos that we are putting out. Build up some anticipation until the album comes up. We just want to keep people in the loop with what’s going on. “All The Way Turnt Up” is getting played just about everywhere in the country at this point, but when you look up the song on the internet, it appears there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the song. Travis Porter and his crew were seen performing the song without you. I know you have talked a lot about that but can you comment on that and explain your relationship with Travis Porter at this point?

Roscoe Dash: Basically, I did the song by myself way back in January last year. I thought the song was going to be really epic, it was going to be something that was really big, so I wanted to sit on it and make or release it when everything else was on the decline. Waka Flocka had the “Oh Lets Do It,” Yung LA was out with the Futuristic movement as well as J Money and the whole Shoppe Boys movement, I just wanted to catch it when everything was coming down.

In the midst of me doing all of that, I ended up linking up with Travis Porter and let him on my song because of my cousin “YT,” he was on the end of the version with Travis Porter, he was an investor in their group.

So, we were going to the club one day and I let one of the members of the group, which is Strap, he heard the song and he wanted to get on it. I though it would be a good move for me, since they had a bigger brand than me and even if people didn’t know the members of the group or anything about the group they knew the name. So I let him get on the song and they ended up releasing it on their mixtape, which is called “Im a Differenter 2”. They released it August 1st of 2009 and it was released as a Travis Porter ft Atl and YT. So they put my name on there before I changed my name to Roscoe.

Basically it got pushed on YouTube as a Travis Poter record and once things hit Youtube they posted over and over and over again, and eventually I just got dropped and it was just Travis Porter – “All the Way Turnt Up”. They never told people, ‘this not our song. This is Roscoe’s song.’ It was my song and they were featured on it. They went around doing shows and telling people they did the song and never told people that I was the one that made the song, and telling people that I just did the hook for the song or whatever the case may be and taking money and everything else and a lot of other stuff.

I don’t feel any type of way about it, but its just like I wouldn’t have a problem with them performing the song if I was getting my cut for the performance and if they were to say, “this is Roscoe’s song” then we wouldn’t have no issue with it at all. Have you had any contact with them at all?

Roscoe Dash: Not recently, no it’s been about 3 or 4 months since I talked to them. I tried to keep it in on some call and lets work it out. We tried to work stuff out with their team, and make it a mutual agreement where everyone is satisfied, but they were really just trying to ask too much and they were trying to muscle us off the song and saying that they were the ones that made the song what it is and this and that. But I feel like if you don’t a hook or first verse on the song then you don’t have a song. We just cant coexist on that, so we just had to go our separate ways. How did you link up with Soulja Boy and do you have future plans with him?

Roscoe Dash: Yea KE on the Track my producer who did the “All The Way Turnt Up” beat and as well as my follow up “Show Out”, “Swag Surfin”, J Money’s “First Name, Last Name”, Soulja Boy’s “Patriotic” record. He did all those beats and he is real cool with Soulja. Soulja actually Tweeted that he wanted to get on the remix 2 weeks before and then we kind of just put two and two together and we have another version of the official remix coming out soon. Also man everybody wants to know, Soulja Boy was seen wearing the Yung Berg chain. Have you seen the Yung Berg chain?

Roscoe Dash: Oh man, I haven’t seen it personally but I am definitely going to ask him about it though. Aight man, get back to me on that one. In other news, I also heard you are working with the Dungeon Family?

Roscoe Dash: I’m working with their producer Rico Wade and we’ve been working on some stuff, and I am trying to push to get Andre feature on one of my songs. Be on the look out for that, and no telling with that. Rico is a real cool cat and works hard. He has his own lane with the beats. No matter what year it is he always brings that old school feel of hip hop so I definitely need to get some of that on the album as well So is there any release date that you guys have set for the albums release?

Roscoe Dash: Its May 11th and its called Ready Set Go. Are there any other projects or features that you are going to be looking forward to until the album comes out?

Roscoe Dash: We are doing the BET Spring Bling March 25 in West Palm Beach and we have another video coming out for the record coming out. I am real excited about my Twitter. @Roscoe_Dash.