The Game: Locked and Loaded

The last time caught up with The Game, "300 Bars" was just days away from dropping. I’d say at least 200 of those bars gave the streets something to talk about, and a lot of follow-up questions. It turns out that our man Semtex over in London just caught Chuck Taylor swinging through, and […]

The last time caught up with The Game, "300 Bars" was just days away from dropping. I’d say at least 200 of those bars gave the streets something to talk about, and a lot of follow-up questions. It turns out that our man Semtex over in London just caught Chuck Taylor swinging through, and had a banger of an interview. For those that don’t know, Semtex is one of the premier party rockin’ hosts over there in the rainy city check him out at and on Friday nights on 1Xtra Radio. It is with his gracious donation, that you won’t believe your eyes.

Game holds it down for his European fans, as well addresses the G-Unit opposition, his pokes at the boys of the Roc, a hypothetical answer from Jay-Z, and even… his new Black Wall Street signees, one of which, you won’t believe. We won’t name any names, and neither does Game… but if you don’t get it, you need a dummy smack. How has it been over here, touring in Europe?

Game: It’s been good, man. Europe is always a fun place for me to come. I’m one of the biggest artists, or thee biggest as far as Hip-Hop is concerned. I just be havin’ a ball. The fans over here really appreciate me and my music. It’s been a beautiful thing. What’s been the best show yet?

Game: Probably Ireland. They love me like I’m straight outta Dublin. Irish cats is wild; Dublin is crazy. Certainly, we never thought the issues with 50 Cent would’ve gone down the way they day…

Game: Nobody could have. 50 Cent is a very jealous, selfish individual. He only cares about himself. When my sales escalated, and I surpassed Young Buck and Lloyd Banks, everybody got a bit jealous. I think 50 thought he should’ve been my mentor. As I see it, you’ve got Dr. Dre on this level, 50 Cent on [a slightly lower] level, Eminem on [a slightly lower], and then Lloyd Banks and Stat Quo and Young Buck down there. He wanted to keep me down here with them. But I’m definitely a superstar. None of those guys in G-Unit can lyrically f**k with me. The States might be one thing. But G-Unit’s success in Europe has been in question. Tony Yayo’s recent show in London had a lot of empty seats…

Game: [laughs] It’s garbage, man. I think G-Unit, by this time next year… 50 may still be lingering around. But there will be no Young Buck, no Lloyd Banks, and no Yayo. I’m still a fan of Hip-Hop – I’m critical of the stuff I be doing, as Hip-Hoppers are. But I think that they’re slowly gravitating towards hell on earth. When the problem with 50 started, did it hurt your business?

Game: Yeah, I lost a lot of money. I lost the shoe deal with Reebok. 50 hated me out of that. He told them that Black Wall Street was a notorious street gang in California, and that we keep assault rifles in my house. They took my deal away. So, I got my own shoe deal – The Hurricanes. I lost our tour insurance. 50 f**ked off a lot of things for me. There’s not nobody that can stop me though. I’m Rap’s MVP, you can’t change that. I’m the people’s champ. On “300 Bars” why did you come back and address Memphis Bleek after what seemed to be peace?

Game: Like I said, I’m Rap’s MVP. So sometimes, I just like to f**k with people, man. You know how bullies walk by and slap people on the back of the head just ‘cause they can’t do nothing? I like to pick and poke at the artists I think are wack in Hip-Hop, like Memphis Bleek. I like to smack around these weak MC’s. I think [The Young Gunz] are a joke. They sold even less than Memphis Bleek their first week. You can’t take those guys seriously – not when we’re talking Hip-Hop and the Nas’, the Big Daddy Kane’s, the Jay-Z’s, the ‘Pac’s, the Big’s, N.W.A.’s, and Run-DMC’s – and you got the f**kin’ Young Gunz dressin’ up like Jam Master Jay and Reverend Run on the album cover. That’s disrespectful. Then I listen to the music, and the s**t sounds like f**kin’ Sponge Bob [Squarepants’] mixtape. You’re on Kanye’s Late Registration on “Crack Music,” and of course “Dreams.” Has it been a conflict since you’ve attacked his brethren?

Game: No. If you think about it, Kanye West didn’t grow up with the Young Gunz or Memphis Bleek. Kanye is from Chicago. It’s not like they grew up and shared peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches together. It’s not like they’re foster brothers. We’re all grown men in the business. That’s the keyword: business. But anybody that feels that they wanna jump behind Bleek and help him out, I accept the challenge. I know that lyrically, I can entertain it and in the streets, I can entertain it. Let’s be blunt: Would you go at Jay if he came at you?

Game: Uhhh. If anybody came at me, I would accept the challenge. It’s Hip-Hop. Rap beefs go far back. It goes as far back as Busy Bee and KRS-One and guys like that. I got a lot of respect for Jay as an MC, and being a legend, and one of the greatest that ever did it. But it’s Hip-Hop; it’s a blood-sport. Whoever, whenever, whatever. To quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along,” though?

Game: Beef is Hip-Hop is healthy until it gets violent. I’ve been involved in the violence at some of the early stages of my career, and I stray away from that. If it stays on wax, it’s healthy. That’s where most artists wanna keep it anyway. What’s going on with the Black Wall Street and the return of the West?

Game: The West Coast is back. I got a group, M.O.B. – Money Over B*tches. It’s a rapper from South Central, and a rapper from Long Beach. Techniec and Eastwood. I got an R&B singer, Dior. She’s from Los Angeles too. We been recording in London the last few days. I’m most excited about her. That’s an R&B princess right there. Tell us about M.O.B…

Game: People that have heard them they been thinkin’ of ‘em as sorta a modern day Dogg Pound. They from the street. Techniec is a lil’ more lyrical, and Eastwood is of your old-school West Coast style, the Dr. Dre’s and the MC Ren’s and the Ice Cube’s. Techneic is a more modern Nas/Jay-Z/Ice Cube. They on the mixtape [from DJ Skee] that featured “300 Bars,” I got an artist from Philly, Rockstar. He’s just a phenomenal underground artist, and I scooped him up. In Philly on the “How the West Was Won Tour,” he snuck backstage and freestyled for like 15 minutes. Everybody in the building took off their Black Wall Street chains and put them around his next. I told him to take a walk and keep going and put $2,000 in his pocket and told him I’d call him later. One more thing, there’s an artist out there who’s a free agent, I won’t name him, I’m about to sign him. It’s gonna f**k the game up. Once I get him on my team, it’s over. Where’s he from?

Game: New York. Is he known?

Game: He’s real known. He ain’t signed. You can guess… just think about it later. Give us a clue.

Game: A clue? [laughs] Okay… he knows bars first-hand. That’s a good clue. Us two, it’s too gangsta. It’s gonna be a big move. I’m even tryin’ to sign Lil’ Kim when she get outta jail, f**k it. [laughs] What’s the biggest lesson 2005 taught you?

Game: Stay loyal, man. Stay loyal. All I need is Dr. Dre, and I don’t need nobody.

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