EXCLUSIVE! Game On Recording Demo, Arguing W/ Dr. Dre, Wearing A Belt, Insecurities, Fatherhood, ‘What Are Those,’ & ‘Documentary 2’


Recently, The Game visited New York City to premiere the behind the scenes footage of him working on his anticipated album, Documentary 2The respected photographer / director, Jonathan Mannion, who captured the icon cover art from his début album hosted the question and answer session that preceded the screening of the documentary.

An organic friendship has been cultivated between Jonathan and The Game. Through this relaxed relationship an introspective insight was revealed to the intimate Manhattan audience. A kaleidoscope of poignant snapshots were captured by Mannion’s cunning trigger finger. These pictures helped to provide perspective into the life of The Game. When reviewing a photo of himself wearing sagging pants Game expressed.

“This picture right here is funny. The first thing I notice is that I didn’t have on a belt. At this time, for some reason — I was 23 years old and I thought — like, I had this concept that I didn’t wear belts because, ‘Can’t nothing hold me.’ It was dumb, but that was my thing. So, I didn’t wear belts, because that was too much like holding me back. Every time I see pictures from that day — it looks so stupid,” he matter-of-factly admits.

As the conversation continues an array of topics are discussed like his insecurities, his fatherhood, and his choice in sneakers. Soon, after a picture of Game wearing a nondescript pair of Nike’s flashes across the screen, a curious audience member interjects, “What are those?” Never one to be heckled, the Left Coast lyricist shot back, “Somebody said, what are those? Those were those NikeiD Huaraches, with your name on the back; don’t front. Everybody had some. Those are the first pair of NikeIDs. He said, ‘What are those?’ F**k you,” laughed the platinum-selling MC.

Skip to the four minute mark for Game’s anecdote on belts and then to the 12:40 minute mark for the humorous exchange between Game and the heckler. How will the Documentary 2 compare to its predecessor?