The New Sound Of Atlanta? Father And Awful Records Take NYC!


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Video shot and edited by The Life Lab

It’s no secret that Atlanta has been the place where Hip Hop has resided and nurtured over the last 10 years whilst New York struggles to reclaim rights to their proverbial throne.  In an industry that is constantly looking for the next best thing, Father and the Awful Records crew are making hits and making moves.

Father kicked the door in this past summer with his bass riddled and hypnotizing hit “Look At Wrist”.  It’s the song you just can’t seem to get away from. That fact becoming blatantly apparent during this year’s CMJ Week as Father and Co. performed at every major venue you can imagine.

From  ” SOB’s to Webster Hall, Fader Fort and a Mass Appeal Pop Up show, they showed up, turnt up and let New York City know that Awful is here and here to stay. caught up with Father and fellow Awful Records label-mate Abra to discuss their NYC takeover, who’s the best artist out of the crew and exactly what it means to spread the Awful gospel.

Oh and in case you forgot, Young Hot Ebony is available on iTunes NOW! Go get that.