The Odd Side Presents: 5 Punishing New Age Producers

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of The Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through new sounds. In Hip Hop, their isn’t anything more important than the producer. The game wouldn’t be as crucial without …

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Welcome to the first 2015 edition of The Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through new sounds.

In Hip Hop, their isn’t anything more important than the producer. The game wouldn’t be as crucial without several producers like DJ Premiere and J Dilla that have changed the game by creating new sounds  As time went on, producers (still important to the culture) took a backseat compared to their impact during the early ages of Hip Hop.

Well, that is until now. Rappers may still have a more public image compared to producers, but don’t let this fool you. A lot of talented producers have been making a come-up with their own personality fueling their music. Their talent is creating a new array of wave of music, with their DJ sets and online mixes online to back it up. With that in mind, these 5 up-and-coming producers have made dope tracks and mixes, and they’re punishing the game right now.


If you’ve heard Vic Mensa’s single “Wimme Nah”, then you know that this Montreal producer earns complete credit for the beat. He’s already earned a residency on BBC Radio 1 along with Flying Lotus, and even earned a set at this year’s Governor’s Ball Music Festival in NYC. Kaytranada’s style is unique to say the least. When he’s remixing a a track or making original content, his echoed-keys and upbeat tempo can sometimes be interpreted as his signature sound, but that’s until you hear songs like “Charles Barkley” or “173.” Even with all of the diversity in his catalogue, Kaytranada’s sound has made him a standout compared to the competition. With his single “Leave Me Alone” garnering more than 1 million plays on Soundcloud, and the announcement that he’ll be dropping an album later on this year, expect to see this young producer a lot more.

He also made Azealia Banks’ “ATM Jam” sound waaaaaaaay better than the original. No offense Azealia..

Kaytranada’s Best Mix – April 12th (DJ Set) for Les Beats

From Disco, to Danny Brown, to The Isley Brothers, April 12th has it all. Kaytranada spent almost two hours mixing up a very diverse tracklist of music that fits together.



Ever since this Michigan-based producer released Da Rocinha 2 in early 2014, Sango has been getting a lot of attention, even earning a slot at Trillectro last year. The sequel was critically acclaimed due to its banging beats and the influence of Latin musical culture imprinted within every instrumental of the LP. However, Da Rocinha is only one reason why of why Sango is on this list. Not only has this young producer been getting positive reviews for his project, but he’s also been very active over the year. Sango’s been on a remixing spree, including the Kaytranada-produced cut “Wimme Nah”. He’s also teamed up with Goldlink for the song titled “Wassup” in time for his Broccoli City Festival performance, and had a mass number of collabs with rapper Waldo. Lately, Sango has made a new track with Texas-based singer SPZRKT, but let’s hope we get a full project in 2015.

Sango’s Best Mix – Just A Kid In Seattle for HYPETRAK

Sango’s mix for HYPETRAK perfectly illustrated his sound through a tracklist of Hip Hop, Deep House, and with a little bit of original beats. The mix is comprised of songs that reminds Sango of his hometown, Seattle.

Tommy Kruise

This young Canadian producer has been dropping a diverse mix of music over the past few years. In his early years, Tommy Kruise came out of Montreal with an aggressive Memphis underground sound. He grabbed attention with his set of hard-hitting instrumentals from his project Memphis Confidential Vol. 1. Time went by, and Kruise started to switch up his style of beats. He may be native to the Memphis phonk rhythm, Tommy Kruise’s new music takes a more clubbish vibe. Kruise released Fete Foreign last year to legitimize his style switch up, with his soundcloud numbers reaching up over 30,000 plays.

Tommy Kruise’s Best Mix – Porn For The Blind

Porn For The Blind was a mix that illustrated where Tommy Kruise style was going. Although he still had trap music manifested within his mix, he combines this sound with House and Club music. The combination is odd, yet enjoying.

Eric Dingus

Eric Dingus has been one of the hottest producers looming over the internet lately. Last year was a pretty good year for the Austin, Texas producer. He emerged on to the scene with his unique sound of hard hitting bass and echoed vocals. And eventually stood out enough to earn a co-sign from Drake’s collective, OVO. Dingus continued to be consistent, dropping several mixtapes with artists like Bishop Light, DJ Smokey, and Dowrong. Eric Dingus might just be the future of production in the realm of southern hip hop.

Best Mix – October’s Very Own Presents HAW Eric Dingus Mixtape

Eric Dingus went straight to the local scene in this 40-minute mix, using his signature cloudy vibes to emphasize his style in the mix. The HAW Eric Dingus Mixtape was successful, with over 1 million plays on Soundcloud.


Montreal has been a constant location of producers on this list, but Lunice might be the most known in the Hip Hop world. His style of production ranges from Southern Rap to EDM. Lunice has produced music for several artists from Rockie Fresh and Azealia Banks. He’s also been known for dropping dynamic remixes and performing live sets on Soundcloud or at popular DJ venues like the Boiler Room. Lunice is also one half of TNGHT, the production duo who made the song “Higher Ground”. As time goes on, we’ll be seeing more remixes by Lunice and his name show up on more production credits.

Lunice’s Best Mix – Ray Ban x Boiler Room DJ Set

Lunice has some fierce mixes, but this one is one of his dopest ones in recent time. His DJ set at Boiler Set included a solid tracklist of artists ranging from local producers like Tommy Kruise, to old school southern hip hop. There’s also some original content from Lunice and TNGHT’s catalogue.

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