The Odd Side: The Sound Of Tomorrow


Welcome to  another edition of The Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through new sounds.

Ever since the beginning of this year, the popular radio show Soulection has been in rotation constantly. The show has prospered off of finding musical artists, producers, and DJ’s that make music that is both unique and innovative to the sound of soul. What makes the show better is the fact that they have always been open about who’s music is actually playing in order to get listeners hip to the new wave of sound. It’s a beautiful phenomena going on at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, the creation of a radio show all about the music more than anything. To salute its fourth year being active, we will give you 3 dope artists we have heard on Soulection. With the radio show having a 4-year span, and a ton of artists playing a role to what the show is today, it was hard to initially come up with only 3 artists. We recommend you give their show a listen to name your own 3. But for now, check out the artists we think are dope.


Sango’s already been mentioned as one of our Punishing New Age Producers, but Soulection is the show where he really gets nasty. Not only has the Seattle producer performed live on the show, his music is regularly played on a plethora of episodes. Now that several artists have been making tracks inspired by Sango’s signature production, we’ve been hearing the influence of this young producer on Soulection‘s latest episodes.

Sam Gellaitry

This young 18 year old from Scotland was one of the reason’s why Soulection has been in  our constant rotation. Signed to the show’s record label of the same name, Sam Gellaitry’s sound is as complex as it is cool. He uses the influence of technology to craft groovy beats. Gellaitry is definitely what Soulection means by its phrase “The Sound Of Tomorrow”. Check out his latest EP Short Stories.

Chris McClenney

If you were looking for something outside of dope producers on Soulection, then you have Chris McClenny. This DMV native has multiple talents on both the singing and instrumental fields, and really gives off a sound similar to D’Angelo without being too familiar with the legendary soul singer. The most interesting thing about this kid is that I didn’t find out about McClenny through the radio show. His project White Label recently released on Soundcloud, and I loved his music ever since. McClenney is also sick in the production realm as well

Though this list seems very brief, this is only a pinch of what Soulection has to offer. If you have anytime to check out their show, give it a listen! There’s so much to this show that one listen can’t fully give you. Check back soon for more dope music by The Odd Side.