The “Throw Away Series” Is Anything But Thrown Away! An Interview With Boston’s Own Alage

UNDERGROUND PHENOM ALAGE BREAKS DOWN HIS “THROW AWAY SERIES” AND MORE! recently caught up with Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011 alum Alage to find out what’s been going on with Boston’s Golden Child in 2012. We found out about the “Throw Away Series” artist’s latest musical projects, as well as his new documentary.

The doc, entitled Lage In My City, allows viewers a closer glimpse at Alage himself, along with the Hip-Hop History of Boston, Massachusetts. It involves the key players that developed both the culture within the city, and the legacy that’s being passed on to a brand new generation.

Check out our interview with underground sensation Alage: We hear that a lot has been going on with you since making our “Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011”! What has changed the most for you so far?

Alage: Things have changed a lot since I’ve been selected as one of the “Top 25 Hip Hop Underground Artists of 2011”, because there’s more of an acknowledgement of me and a greater demand for my music. People want to see me perform live. I have sacrificed a lot, and to get acknowledged for my work for the year of 2011, just showed me I was on the right path, and I can only grow and keep getting better from here. So you have doing a lot of filming lately. What is going on with that project?

Alage: Yes, I have been filming a documentary called Lage In My City, and the documentary is about my journey from when I started up until now. I take you into my life, and I show you the people I network with, and a few up and coming artists like myself make appearances.

For the longest, the city of Boston hasn’t had a music platform in a long time, so a lot of the artists feel like they need to leave the city to pop or get noticed. Or they may feel like they need to pay other artist to get a “star look,” and I’m against all of that. There are plenty of artists from Boston that have made it big in the past, but might not have had a long run. But we’ve also got artists that are major, and we talk about those kinda things as well in the documentary. You get to know about me, but also about the history of my city as well, so it’s a good look over all. That’s dope! Is there any new music to accompany that?!

Alage: I am done with my fifth mixtape entitled The Throw Away Series. This project came about because I needed to feed the streets! It’s been a while! [laughter] But, I put out my Do or Die mixtape last summer; we released it digitally. Every Tuesday, we would put out a record, and we called it ‘throw away Tuesday.’ It got to a point where people were telling me the music was too good to be throwing it away, and I needed to put another mixtape out. So that’s what I did! This mixtape will be pushed until I’m ready to put out my EP. Is there any one thing you hope that your fans are taking away from your music?

Alage: The one thing I want people to take from my music is thehunger. You hear it anytime an Alage record is being played. I put my all into every record. I want the people to understand that I’m focused on making timeless music instead of music that is just for now and gone tomorrow. To make timeless music it has to come from the heart. What can we look forward to seeing from Alage in the near future?

Alage: What you can expect to see from me in the near future is simply growth! Every time I speak to someone that has been keeping up with my career, they tell me, “You keep getting better!” Hearing that all the time just drives me to want to do better and be better!!!

Be on the lookout for Alage’s Lage In The City and The Throw Away Series coming soon.

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