This or That: Quelle Chris Talks Detroit Rap Albums, Kanye West Eras, & Seahawks Vs Broncos


(AllHipHop Feature) In the latest version of “This or That” Detroit’s Quelle Chris shares his picks in a variety of topics. The creator of the Ghost At The Finish Line LP explains why the shocking turn in the The Sixth Sense makes it the “coldest” spirit-filled film.

With songs like “Coke Rap War Game” and “Loop Dreams” in his catalog, we ask the Mello Music Group member for his take on cocaine themed Hip Hop albums and basketball documentaries. The punk rock follower also answers the age-old question in Rock-&-Roll circles – The Ramones or The Clash? Discover Quelle Chris’ choices.

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What are your personal Top 5 albums by a Detroit rapper?

Not in any order. Detroit Hip-Hop, Vol. 1, Dwele’s Rize, Hodge Podge’s Ear Candy, Fuzz Scotta’s 97 Crop Pick, and Denmark Vessey’s Cult Classic.

Besides your own work, what were the last three songs you listened to?

ZelooperZ’ “Hit a Lick.” David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream.” I found the instrumental, so I was listening to that. We – me and the homie Chris Keys – were listening to some Merci Beaucoup s**t. That’s the last three things I can immediately recall listening to.

What is one of the most outlandish things someone has tweeted to you?

I’ve got ones that don’t make any sense like weird beefs that I don’t know why they exist. The s**t that sounds real personal, but for the most part I only get love on Twitter.

If you could choose any three people to follow you on Twitter, who would you pick?

Herman Cain, Darryl Strawberry, and Hannibal Buress.

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This or That: freestyle or write?

Write. I freestyle just on some bulls**t, but I like to write, have that complete thought. I like every line to be just right. Even it doesn’t sound just right, it sounds just right in my brain.

Better ghost story movie: The Sixth Sense or Paranormal Activity?

The Sixth Sense, that st is the coldest. Paranormal Activity is on some Blair Witch st. I’m good on that. In The Sixth Sense, when you found out that the dude was dead all the time, that st blew your mind. You knew they were ghosts in Paranormal Activity. You didn’t know what the fk was going on with The Sixth Sense.

Better basketball documentary: Hoop Dreams or The Fab Five?

Hoop Dreams is that st. I’ll go with Fab Five just because Hoop Dreams is long as fk.

Better coke rap album: Lord Willin’ or Only Built 4 Cuban Linx?

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, definitely.

“College Dropout era” Kanye or “Yeezus era” Kanye?

College Dropout, that goes without saying. I’m not going to sit here talk about that man. He’s doing something. He may not being doing it the best way I think it could be done, but he’s doing something. But that old st was killing. This new st just sounds forced to me. That old s**t just sounded natural.

The Ramones or The Clash?

The Clash, I like their grooves a lot more.

Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?

Grand Theft Auto because I haven’t really been getting into the first-person st. I like the Grand Theft Auto online st too. Grand Theft Auto all day. You can do whatever the fk you want to do. Call of Duty, n***as just be fighting each other all day. Grand Theft Auto you can run around and do all types of crazy st. I like freedom. On Call of Duty there’s not enough freedom for me.

Bitcoin: cool or crazy?

That sht could be the wave of the future. This money st’s about to collapse. It’s not like we’re not always going to have some form of currency. That’s just how people work. You got people in jail, and they got to have some sort of currency.

I’m not against that Bitcoin. I’m not going to lie. I’ve tried to get into that st. I don’t complete understand it. That st got me lost [laughs], but that st’s going to make its way. I don’t think that st’s crazy. I think if you can make your own way of creating exchange between two people without having to go through the system that’s already established then go for it.

Seahawks or Broncos?


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