Three Questions With Khary Durgans


Providence, Rhode Island’s rap representative Khary Durgans is on course to be one of the breakout stars of 2015. Durgans may have started off as a hypeman for his brother in high school, but it is his own audio offerings (like the Love + Anchors free album and the recent Swim Team EP) that has the Hip Hop blogosphere keeping a keen eye on the rising rhymer.

Durgans began recording music at the age of 14. He eventually embraced a distinctive artistic voice that reflects what he acknowledges as his “awkward, sarcastic, and overly honest self.”

For Swim Team, Durgans partnered with producers Mike Irish and Prof. Logik to create the eclectic musical backdrop for the 6-track project. While Love + Anchors was more of a therapeutic release for Khary, he believes future Hip Hop historians will name Swim Team as the collection that started his career.

Ultimately, Durgans’ goal is not to necessarily change the game. His only objective is to make great art and have fun doing it. If that process happens to affect the greater culture, that would just be a bonus in his eyes. Durgans expresses, “I’m just here to do something I love and hope people can relate to it.” connected with Durgans to serve as the latest subject for the “Three Questions” series. Find out why Khary had to say sorry, which deceased emcee he would want to crack jokes with, and how he would cast three female performers in a game of “F**k, Marry, Collab.”

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Your social media handles are “@Sorrykhary.” What was the last thing you had to apologize for?

Breaking a girl’s heart that I love.

If you could be visited by any dead emcee who would it be and why?

I would say 2Pac, but I think he would just f**k with me the whole time. He seems like the type of dude with a lot of jokes. [laughs] I’m picturing it now.

F**k, Marry, Collab: Teyana Taylor, Ariana Grande, Jhené Aiko?

I’d f**k Teyana because I don’t listen to her music at all, collab with Ariana Grande because I could use some Disney/White America fans’ money, and marry Jhené Aiko because of eye contact we made a year ago at one of her shows. It was probably because I was in the front row, but I’d rather think it was love.

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