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(AllHipHop Features) At just 19, Rory Fresco is beginning to live out his dreams. A year ago, the budding Kansas City native was a community college student that was working part-time at Best Buy. Now he is a professional rapper sharing a show bill with Rich The Kid and taking meetings with Epic Records.

Rocking global stages and creating lasting art have been goals for Rory since he was a child. His turn towards Hip Hop began as an 11-year-old producer. The Midwesterner born Terrell Johnson Jr. admits his beats were not drawing the attention he hoped. So by 15, Terrell elected to take being an emcee more seriously.

A few years later, Rory Fresco became a promising fresh face of the Hip Hop blogosphere. That distinction was created in part because of a SoundCloud programming algorithm that randomly caused his song “Lowkey” to play directly behind Kanye West’s “No More Parties in L.A.”

“Lowkey” has collected over 4.4 million listens on the streaming platform since its debut in January 2016. A remix of the record – featuring Bay Area rhymer G-Eazy – became Rory’s first charting single when the new version peaked at #24 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart.

While he is just coming on the national scene, Fresco is setting himself up to be an active force to emerge from the Missouri like Nelly, Tech N9ne, and Hitman Holla. Rory tells, “I wanted to inspire the people the way my idols inspired me.”

Get to know Rory Fresco with “Three Questions.”

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What has been the most difficult part of being a teenager in the music industry?

Man. N-ggas don’t believe. They don’t trust that my ideas will work! I really know what I’m doing and what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff. N-ggas be trying to son me, and it don’t ever work.

If you could either produce one multi-platinum song by Drake or be a featured artist on multiple songs by Tech-9? Which option would you choose and why?

I’m producing that song for Drake. I don’t care what these other n-ggas say or how they think. I’m trying to be the biggest artist out. I ain’t trying to be underground. I need that Grammy.

On “Lazy,” you said, “didn’t want to be a monster, but this is what they made me.” What type of monster have you become and how has it changed you?

Honestly, I just feel I’ve turned into a selfish person. Industry full of greedy n-ggas, and it just rubs off on you. You start doing people how they try to do you.

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