Tiny & Toya: T.I., Lil Wayne and TV

Tiny and Toya took us beyond the blogs last season as their show premiered on BET and quickly became fan favorites as they gave us a peek into their own personal realities. The ladies took us on their journey of self discovery and perseverance and now they’re back with season two and things have certainly changed. With […]

Tiny and Toya took us beyond the blogs last season as their show premiered on BET and quickly became fan favorites as they gave us a peek into their own personal realities. The ladies took us on their journey of self discovery and perseverance and now they’re back with season two and things have certainly changed. With season two premiering April 13th on BET, the ladies are picking up where they left off balancing family and entrepreneurship while leaning on each other as BFF’s in the struggle. Fighting for their own identities, Tiny and Toya tag team the game and are back to show the world what you can achieve with family, faith and commitment. It’s all about sisters doing it for themselves and Tiny and Toya sit with AllHipHop.com to talk about the changes taking place in their lives.  AllHipHop.com: So you guys are all set for season two, congrats on that first of all.Tiny & Toya: Thanks we’re excitedAllHipHop.com: Season one was kind of our introduction into the real lives of you ladies, what kinds of lessons did you guys take away from letting people inside your lives? Was it good for you?Tiny- I enjoyed the feedback, just knowing that everything was positive and inspiring that was the best part of it for me ya know, just being inspiring and knowing that its just our regular life and people took from that and they were able to do more and do some of the things they wanted to do from some of the things that they saw from the show.AllHipHop.com: Its kind of ironic that you guys have kinda switched places as far as TI coming out and Lil Wayne going in to jail, how did Tiny’s experience help to prepare you come to grips with things as far as your daughter is concerned Toya?Toya- She helped me a lot as far as talking to me and and telling me to make sure my daughter goes to see him and make sure I write him because that’s what they need. She helped me a lot with her experience and I listen to her advice.AllHipHop.com: The show really dealt with a lot of serious issues from drug addiction to Alzheimer, was putting those truths out there therapeutic for you in dealing with the issues and what action has it cause you to take?Toya- We both have started our own non-profit organizations. Tiny’s is For the Love of our Fathers and its an Alzheimer’s foundation, and mine is Visual Beauties and its for underprivileged kids.AllHipHop.com: I know sometimes its difficult getting older and watching the roles reverse when the child has to become the parents be it dealing with an addiction or an illness. How has it affected your relationships with your own children?Toya- For me not really having my parents in my life it really made me want to be there for my daughter and give her all the things i never had and more because I know what its like not to have a mother and father after having somebody tell you they love you so i try to be that person for my daughter.Tiny- For me, my family is such a close knit family and we surround ourselves with each other and my kids are here to help my mom and they just want to be around my dad. My kids spend a lot of time at my moms house because they just want to be close to my dad.AllHipHop.com: So how is your mom doing Toya?Toya: My mom is doing fine you know its up and down. She just has to work at her own pace, when she’s really ready and tired she’ll do it, but for the most part she’s fine.AllHipHop.com: Yeah, unfortunately it’s out of their control when the disease takes over you just gotta love em through it. She’s definitely in our prayers.Toya- I definitely appreciate that thank you.AllHipHop.com: How’s your dad doing Tiny?Tiny: He’s doing ok, ya know just going to the doctor and trying all these new medications they’re trying something new that they think will help him talk more so he’s just going back and forth to the doctor so we can see how long we can prolong his situation.AllHipHop.com: Well that’s good he’s also in our prayers. So what are we going to see more of this season? Is Toya going to be dating more?Toya: Maybe (laughs) This season is basically just a continuation of last season. You’ll see more growth, we got a lot more accomplished. I find something I really enjoy career wise, you might see me dating but we spend more time with our kids, we have our girl nights, basically just continuing from last season.AllHipHop.com: There was one episode where Tiny was talking about your dating and said “when you’ve had the best, where do you go from there?” So how do you handle guys when they approach you?Toya- I’m real picky with dating because I try to look for someone who’s good enough to meet my daughter. There’s a whole lot that you gotta go through for me. I cant just take anybody home like somebody I just meet? Nah, it don’t work like that with me. Sometimes people have ulterior motives and you never know what that is so you gotta feel people out and I have to test them for awhile.AllHipHop.com: Do you want to get married again?Toya: Of course, I’d love to.AllHipHop.com: Tiny how’s TI? I know its good having him home.Tiny: Its GREAT! I might be working a lot but I’m always up there with him as much as I can since he’s still on house arrest but its been great for me and the kids.AllHipHop.com: Last season it seemed like you really wrestled with being a homemaker vs branching off and doing your own thing, how long had you been dealing with those feelings?Tiny: The last couple years i had been feeling like maybe I wanted to do something. I was thinking that maybe I wanted to get back into singing, but the group couldn’t really get back on track as far as management and working with the same people so that didn’t really work out so I just went back into being the woman taking care of the house and then I seen the nail shop up the street from my house and I was like this is something I can do without being too involved and without being away from the house too much so once I started that I had been thinking about this sitcom treatment also and it fell into place when I met Toya. When I met her I was like this treatment it kinda goes along with me and Toya and maybe some of our friends, and once we took this meeting with James and it went so well then I really got serious about wanting to do something, and I just went ahead and did it. I wasn’t really pressed to do anything but I just felt like you know let me do something with my time.AllHipHop.com: Now TI seems very loving but he also seems a little bit possessive, do you feel like there are a lot of things you can’t do just for the sake of keeping peace in the house?Tiny: He is very over protective but I man he’s also very loving and very into me. He’s an extremist with everything he does, everything is to the extreme so he doesn’t really have a middle ground, but I love it though. That’s just our relationship, we’re just really into each other and I just can’t complain that I have a man that really wants me around all the time because normally its the opposite, they don’t care if you ain’t around for weeks, but mine does and I’m just blessed.AllHipHop.com: That’s good, I’ve heard a buzz about a wedding, are there any immediate plans?Tiny: Sure.AllHipHop.com: This year?Tiny: Yep.AllHipHop.com: Both of you have had to deal with living in the shadows of your famous men, how do you not lose your own identity in all of that?Toya: Just try to stay doing things away from all that. I’m just trying to do more things that i can come out of that like 1st with the show and then getting involved in other projects on my own, so I’m known as Toya and not just Wayne’s ex-wife you know, not really needing to prove myself to anyone, just establishing my own identity.AllHipHop.com: How come you never changed your last name?Toya: I’m glad you asked that because I get that a lot about my last name. To me whats the big deal with the last name? My daughter is a Carter, its not because I’m all attached to Wayne, but we were married and that was my last name. Its bad enough a lot of other things shifted up like I don’t see the last name being an issue.AllHipHop.com: Speaking of your daughter, are we going to start seeing more of her as an entertainer like her daddy?Toya: Yes she’s in Tiny’s group OMG Girls. She’s performing, singing, dancing, acting yes that’s what she loves. Y’all see them all during season two, they have a song out on itunes “Ain’t Nobody” so their working.AllHipHop.com: What other upcoming projects are coming up for you ladies?Toya: I’m working on my book, I just completely changed the whole concept of it and its not just a memoir anymore. Its now a diary to my younger self. I’m also focusing on the non-profit Visual Beauties, and I’m planning on doing a lot more.Tiny: I’m really focusing on Tiny’s Nail Bar and the OMG Girls is a really big project for me. Also there is my production company, Master P productions. We’re looking for writers and just building our company, and of course also I have my Alzheimer’s foundation For the Love of our Fathers, that’s about it for right now.AllHipHop.com: Well we wish you both all the best at every endeavor. Thanks for your time.Tiny and Toya – Thank you