Nicki Minaj’s Top 5 “Think Like A Man” Moments


Steve Harvey started something a few years back with his bestselling book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”. With his hilarious comedic wit and grown man sensibilities, Harvey seemingly “gave up the goods” on the secrets that men don’t want women to figure out in dealing with them in relationships.

This weekend, the film adaptation of the book – Think Like A Man – hits theaters everywhere, starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, and more. With its star-packed cast, there are sure to be some laughs, with a few good lessons in between.

Before we hit the theaters to check the flick out for ourselves this weekend, we got to thinking…Who in Hip-Hop can flip the gender script with ease, and knows what the fellas are thinking, but can turn on the feminine charm, too?

Ahh, yes. Nicki Minaj.

It takes quite a bit of bravado to bang with the best of the boys in the booth. Nicki has proven that time and time again, she’s both ballsy and flamboyantly fabulous, a hard combination to conjure in Hip-Hop. considers Nicki Minaj’s Top 5 “Think Like A Man” moments:

5. Wearing the Pants in Her Relationship with Safaree

We keep hearing about their notorious fights, where she wrestles with him and kicks him off video sets and photo shoots. Then, seemingly days later, he’s back again. There are photos of her kissing Drake, Weezy, well, heck, everyone in YMCMB. Still, Safaree is widely believed to be her steady man and former (or possibly current?) fiance.’

We’re not sure what’s up with them. But he keeps coming back, and when she leaves the room, “he’ll be talking again.” Dang, Safaree, but that’s real pimpish of Nicki.

“I am the female Weezy/ This sh*t is easy…”

4. Recklessly Calling The Queen Bee a “Stupid Hoe”, “Bubbles”, “Baby Bop”…

The hook to “Stupid Hoe” is so Pop, it almost gives you cavities to listen to it. But if you’re truthful, Nicki keeps taking jabs at a certain Brooklyn Babe, and her nemesis hasn’t take many successful shots back. Like a skillful boxer in the ring, Ms. Minaj has been strategic with her Kim-knockouts, randomly throwing punches on radio shows and diss tracks whenever she feels like it, and not taking a defensive posture.

“These b*tches is my sons/ And I don’t want custody…”

There’s no ripped shirts, snatched-off weaves, or claws-a-scratching in this girlfight. Nicki’s jock strap is on tight, and the judge’s decision is that Kim should either “man up” or make friends.

3. Roman’s Always Reloaded

Then there’s that strange “guy” she turns into – mostly when she’s about to rip some male MC to shreds on a collaboration. She goes particularly boy-crazy on “Roman’s Revenge” featuring Enimem, and even conjures up the spirit of old Busta Rhymes (“Rah, rah/ like a dungeon dragon”).

She “holds her own” easily on the track, anchored by Slim Shady’s ever-intense lyricism and flow. Roman definitely acts like a lady but thinks like a man. Is it “his/her” fault that all of you b*tches is gone?

2. The 2012 Grammys/Catholic Church Fiasco

There was nothing particularly ladylike about the blood, gore, and Satanic ratchetness of Nicki Minaj’s Grammy-capping performance this year. Though she was dressed as a fair maiden and Little Red Riding Hood in portions, only a man (say, like Yeezy) would have the cajones to create such a stir at the classy and coveted awards show.

Before the spectacle, Drake introduces her as “beautiful, intelligent, and driven,” but a testosterone-filled Nicki was too busy performing a seance, cavorting with a priest, and offending the heck out of everyone to care about that.

1. The Big Sean “Azz” Video

Even if you stripped her of her sexy ‘fits and protruding posterior, you still have to admit. Nicki Minaj man-handled Detroit’s Big Sean on his own track.

“Big-Big-Big Sean/ boy, how big is you?/ Give me all your money/ And give me all your residuals/ And slap it on my azz, azz, azz, azz, azz…”

Oh, and somebody point her to “the best a** eater?” Enough said. Watch the video:

Think Like A Man is in theaters now. Watch the official trailer below: