MTV’s Jamila Mustafa: The Next Oprah Winfrey?

TRL host Jamila Mustafa is making power moves in the media world. Read all about her come up!

“Aim to be significant, not famous” is more than just an Instagram quote in her bio, but the very words Jamila Mustafa lives by. 

Hailing from the city of Wilmington Delaware, Jamila is the definition of a hustler! 

Jamila started out as a child actor and entertainer, by participating in martial arts, dance, national commercials and multiple pageant crowns such as Miss Delaware State University. 

No stranger to hard work, Jamila’s wasted no time bursting on to the scene in late 2015 helping pioneer one of BET Digitals’ most successful programs “BET BREAKS.” 

Not only did she serve as a lead reporter, but Jamila also uniquely crafted over four thousand stories which solidified her name as someone to watch in the entertainment industry.

Well, watching soon turned into note-taking and soon, her style of journalism, fashion, energy and her ability to establish relationships with artists set her apart from her peers. 

Jamila is currently the Co-host of MTV’s “TRL Top 10” airing Saturdays at 10 am on MTV Networks with legendary hip-hop personality, Sway Calloway.

The legendary show, which originally aired from 1998 to 2008 with Carson Daly, is now back and fans have fallen head over heels with Jamila’s infectious personality.

The blessings this year haven’t stopped there for Jamila, as she has had several viral moments, including a dance battle with Ciara. 

Recently, Jamila slayed the red carpet at the 2019 VMAs, being named as one of the evenings best dressed. And she was honored by Hennessy during their V.S.O.P Privilege Toast in New Jersey. 

While many in the world are just getting to know Jamila Mustafa, those from her hometown of Delaware know her path to greatness started early.

One of her first television gigs came at just 12-years-old, when she hosted the “Philadelphia Eagles Kids Club,” a children’s show that aired on FOX WTXF-TV. 

On the show, a young Jamila interviewed former Eagles tight end L.J. Smith who was so impressed that he called her the next Oprah Winfrey. 

And, the name stuck over the years, as she would continue to be called “Little Oprah” by her friends watching her career develop. 

Although the title has faded, the accuracy of their comparison has only grown stronger, and begs to ask the Jamila Mustafa the Oprah of our generation? 

Even at 26, Jamila is right on Ms. Winfrey’s heels in terms of early career accomplishments both on and off-screen. 

Oprah and Jamila are both advocates for social activism and community service. Oprah has been known for her work as a philanthropist within the last 12 years through The Oprah Winfrey Foundation and other endeavors. 

Jamila, on the other hand, spent a great deal of her childhood being active in the community. Whether she was winning one of Wilmington’s most prestigious honors or receiving recognitions from the Mayor, the City Council president or former Vice President Joe Biden, Jamila was taught to also use her gift to inspire and never forget to give back. 

There is no question Oprah’s legacy is unmatched. But there’s a new star on the rise who has the potential to usher us into a new era of entertainment. 

Don’t be surprised if you see The Jamila Mustafa Show in 2020.

Whether Jamila is debating who had the best year in music on iHeartRadio or interviewing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for BET Networks, one thing is certain, Oprah’s legacy is solidified, but Jamila Mustafa is just getting started. 

If you think the Oprah comparison is just hype, peep the chart below and decide for yourself.